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What happened to Summer?

It’s cold and rainy today … and yet … holding on to all hope Jessi has been dancing round in her togs all morning. She is now sitting in front of the tv with her polar fleece blanket wrapped around her … summer come back please.

I guess it’s good weather for inside creating … I still have a few gifts to make …

This is the second lot of cards I made for Dad.


Heavily influenced by the fabulous card making style of Sarah.  And she’ll be glad to know that I finally watched the ‘how to tie knots’ clip and I’ve totally got it sorted now!

The school holidays officially started for us at 12.30 yesterday when both school and kindy finished. I’m looking forward to doing a whole lot of ‘nothing much’ and not having to make school lunches for a few weeks. It’s all good!



13 Responses

  1. Your cards are great! Heres hoping we have some sun for Christmas day. I love the holidays – no routine – no lunches to sort. Your right – it is all good!

  2. No more school lunches is a biggie. LOL. It pouring down here too – been non stop all day.

  3. We got a ton of rain over the hill here too. After telling the Mr’s they weren’t to be palying Playstation all through the hols, I figured the day was exactly the kind of day that you COULD do that if you wanted to. so they have been playing on and off through the day. Stopping for food, toilet and craft breaks! Gotta love ’em!!

    Those are fantastic, lovely, lush, layered cards…. I need to learn at the card-making guru table of SarahandBeverley. LOL

  4. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice cards…… and yeah WHAT is with this rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ah Beverley, summer has hit with a vengence over here. It has been a really hot couple of days – so different to this time last year. There is a breeze this afternoon which is nice.
    It is so good to be on holidays isn’t it – I have had a week now – gone way too quickly already, but at least now I have a nice clean sparkling house and am just getting ready to do some Christmas shopping.
    I love your cards – they are amazing – I don’t know how to find the time to do it all/

  6. Yeah, it started raining here this afternoon too. Stink! We are supposed to be having church at the beach tomorrow! Oh well, I’m sure summer will be back soon. It was so lovely on Friday, it can’t be gone for too long 🙂

    Gorgeous cards – I have NO idea where you get time to make all of them! They must take ages, each one is so detailed & intricate.

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous cards there Beverley. Poor Jessi, hope she’s out in her togs again soon – the joys of living on two long skinny islands – changeable weather!

  8. goregous cards!

  9. Must admit, Mother Nature is more than a tad confused … cos it aint warm down our way either. Could do with another 10-15 degrees at least atm – truly!

    Wow, look at those cards – very nice!!!!

  10. Thanks for coming out in that weather to drop those goodies off. I must admit yesterday I was sitting on the couch with a duvet on me. This was before we decided to do the roomk move and it was warm doing all that lifting and shifting. Love those cards, your dad will be so proud giving those out.

  11. we have rain and then sun … talk about four seasons in one day!! … mitchell is dreaming of a white christmas …

  12. Merry Christmas sweets – hope to catch up with you more often in the New Year.

  13. More gorgeous cards. And I hope your weather is as nice as ours for Jessi’s sake!

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