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What a week …

… it’s been a busy one.

Kids brought home fantastic school reports on Friday … I think it shows that they’ve had good teachers this year … so we went out as a family for dessert as a special treat.

We finally got a Christmas tree … and now our house smells and looks a lot like Christmas.

It’s a crazy tree with branches going in weird directions and just generally messy looking … can you actually get real trees that look perfect?


It’s got an interesting collection of decorations … mostly all grouped together on the lower branches where the kids could reach. Inspired by watching Enchanted … I called the birds in to decorate the upper branches.

We had our last night of Rally … we made beaded angels and candy cane reindeer. Then on Sunday we had the end of year prizegiving thingy that the parents all came to. Rebekah won the cup for Best Girl … wasn’t sure if that was fair given that both her parents are leaders … but she did get the highest points and I guess it would be unfair to her if she couldn’t get it. I just realised that I don’t have any photos of the cup … better fix that!

Dad put in another order for cards … so I’ve been making more… also made up a couple of Christmas cards as you do … and I’m working on a couple of gifts … planning teacher gifty things … helped Rebekah make a gift for her class secret santa thing … you know … keeping busy.

Jessi had her four year old immunisations today … she was totally brave … having been prepared by her older brother and sister they told her that it hurts a bit but then you get a lolly pop … she was a little gutted that she was only offered a sticker! She has a dental nurse appointment tomorrow … nothing like doing all these things the week before Christmas … what was I thinking?



9 Responses

  1. Your tree looks gorgeous Beveley, I must admit that I love a real tree also – love the smell through the house. Will have to see if I can score me myself this weekend. Congratulations to Rebekah on winning the Best Girl Trophy – we were put in the same boat last year when Chloe won the Graphics award, but you are right, when they work hard, they shouldn’t be penalized because their parents are their leaders or teachers. Hope you guys have a very Happy Christmas/.

  2. Well done Rebekah! To get one of those totally perfect trees you must be on American television LOL – Your one looks fantastic, and it’s huge! When I lived with a bunch of Irish people, the tree had to touch the ceiling (according to them) and we lived in this farm house that had a twelve foot high ceiling!

  3. Oh I see your blog header…. nice… I have done nothing with my alcohol inks!!!!! maybe over summer…. nice tree too and YAH rebekah on the cup prize…. keeping busy at christmas- always the way… oh yeah and thanks for the card…. very, very cool

  4. Nice tree….love the smell of real treese. Whoo hoot for awesome school reports thats fantastic. Poor Miss Jessie, imagine expecting a lollipop and only given a sticker…..eeeks at the dental nurse visit……at least she will start next year healthy and happy. Well done to Miss Rebekah on the cup…..

  5. Congrats to Rebekah – thats just awesome. We always manage to have a list of appointments in the week leading up to Christmas as well – ours include haircuts.

  6. The tree looks lovely – and the “uneven” branches only add to the unique beauty of it 🙂 All trees have their wee quirks.
    Congratulations to Rebekah & Alexander on their school reports. What a nice idea to go out for dessert and celebrate 🙂
    Well done to Jessi, being so brave for her vaccinations. You have reminded me that I need to take Tyler in for his!

  7. I love real trees, the smell, the imperfectness, so wonderful…but alas we have people allergic in our house *sigh*
    Good to hear the kids got great reports, what a wonderful way to end the year.
    And well done to Jessi for being so brave!

  8. Green jelly at the real Xmas tree, they give me hayfever but the smell of a real tree is pure Christmas!!! You sound frantically busy but happy and what a great idea taking the kids for dessert as a treat!!!

  9. Just looove the smell of a real tree! Congrats on the best girl award!! … and yes, human nature will dictate that we all are guilty of cramming all those maintenance appointments in at the last mo …

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