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Ahhh Summer

Summer is ice cold drinks, lunch with friends … outside …. and the sound of kids having a waterfight.

I was having a quick lie down … nana nap … and I could hear the kids running in and out of the house and a lot of squealing going on. Turns out their game escalated from using a cup of water to water the plants, to throwing the water at each other. As I lay there listening I figured I had two options … I either get up and growl at them for getting wet, making a mess of the bathroom and dripping water all over the house … or … I show them what a real water fight looks like.

So … I snuck outside, filled a large bucket with icy cold water and then crept along the side of the house. I only had to wait a couple of seconds before Rebekah came close enough to fully appreciate the contents of my bucket. She was so stunned I managed to get back inside before she realised just how wet she’d just got!

Unfortunately I’m still gonna have to get a little grumpy and make them tidy up the wet towels and mess they’ve made … I guess thats just part of being the Mother.

I just found this photo from Australia … yummo gelato, and this was only half the selection. Yes it did take me half an hour to choose!


A little bit different from today’s very kiwi ‘tip-top’ choices … orange choc-chip, hokey pokey, goodie gumdrops etc

Today I had banana choc-chip and frozen yoghurt. What’s your favourite?


10 Responses

  1. Just love the colours and the ‘whipped’ look of gelato, of course the taste ain’t half bad either! Go you on the water fight!

  2. oh water fights- cool…. you know what’s best!!! when using water balloons- put them in the fridge first… makes them nice and chilly!!!!!!
    as for the gelato – mmmmmmmmm I loved them when i was in aussie
    so so hard to choose… so much choice

  3. Lol at the ‘real water fight’ – go Mum.
    Yum gelato – ooh don’t know if I can think of a fave tho so I’ll just have it all hehe.

  4. Oh, you are such a COOL Mum!! Love it!

  5. hey that banner looks good…….hmmmm well I have to day having frozen youhurt and goodie goodie gum drops was interesting lol. I like quite a few flavours of ice cream but at the moment rush munors maple/walnut flavout is devine.

    lol at the water fight….too funny….thats something they wont forget in a hurry

  6. Poor Rebekah – she wouldn’t have been expecting that! LOL!
    I love Cookies’n Cream flavour ice cream at the mo – yummy!

  7. Gingerbread ice cream by tip top… yum yum… mmmmm waterfight sounds great about now in this heat!!

  8. The heat that it is today i think we will def be having some waterfights after nap time today!

  9. Woah! Go you in showing them how to really have a water fight…. let’s just hope they don’t get you with the next escalated attack!! LOL

    Yummmmm…. gelato…… Hey, have you tried that place on Oriental parade? Definitely worth a visit – not so much choice so picking might be faster 🙂

    Cool banner too.

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