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Trying real hard to look for the positives this week.

Creating Christmas gifts with Charlize and Jessi.


Glimmer mist and four year olds … sounds crazy but it looks fab.

These birds I bought back from Brisbane …


Was just gonna hang them on my Christmas tree but I came across this idea today … now that’s way more exciting.

Coffee with the girls tomorrow.

Cropping on Friday night.

And I got the bestest surprise e-mail in my in-box today … looking forward to receiving some Australian happy mail in the near future … thanks Princess!

Gotta share one of the reasons I wasn’t feeling so positive today …

When I got to kindy at lunch time, the first thing I noticed was a familiar looking bottle of baby oil in Jessi’s notice pocket. I was already thinking the worst when the teacher rushed up to me to describe the mess and caos one little bottle of baby oil created. All through Charlize and Jessi’s hair, all over the floor … making it slippery and dangerous, right through the kindy to the family corner.

What I couldn’t figure out was how it got to kindy. So some days things get put in her bag without me noticing but today I’d emptied out her bag and packed it myself … I knew exactly what was in there. On questioning the little miss later she admitted to putting it down her pants! What kind of four year old thinks to smuggle things to kindy by stuffing them down her pants? That’s a whole new level of sneakiness I’m just not prepared for!

My kids will now be frisked before leaving the house in the mornings!



17 Responses

  1. Oh my…that was a tad sneaky…Well I hope your day out with the girls is much better – have a fun day catching up.

  2. gosh that is not the worse…. we had expensive perfume come in and be sprayed (empty) onto everyone!!!!!!! and we have had lipstick and nail poilsh,,,,,, pricey…. maybe a frisk is a good idea… and yeah sneaky is a taste of 4 year old girls… fun times….. see you friday

  3. What a sneaky girl! Don’t worry though, I think kids at age 4 do “know” they are not supposed to bring stuff like that (or toys, etc) to Kindy, so the smuggling begins. I remember Ethan smuggled things HOME from Kindy, which I then had to return! 😉

  4. awwww she is clever ( amazing what goes through the head of a 4 year old). Those canvases look very cool and oh nice birds. Love the project your going to make.

  5. That is one sneaky little girl! Wonder if it is a sign of things to come ……. LOL!
    LOve those birds!

  6. LOL! She’s not sneaky just a creative thinker 😉

  7. I’m sorry but I had to laugh! As Penny said definitely a creative thinker. Love what you are going to do with the birds – very pretty.

  8. Yeah – it’s the smuggling home thing that got to me!! Luckily the teachers don’t seem phased by it….phew!

    Love the birdies!

  9. Now that is very sneaky!
    Hope you had a lovely girls day out & i can’t wait to see what you end up doing with your birds!

  10. Oh my goodness – look at it this way Bev, al least it gives you an opportunity to teach some life lessons. Got to smile though. Can’t wait to see the finished bird project. I am sure it will be gorgeous;

  11. LOL gotta laugh at how sneaky she was! I bet you were very embarassed though!

  12. Look at those wee treats you came home with … gorgeous … look forward to seeing your creativity and show and tell.

    Sneakiness … I’m so sorry, cos I did laugh and then laughed a little more about the frisking before kindy …

  13. wow that is sneaky! I hope mine don’t do that! LOL

  14. Oh no! But it’s quite funny in hindsight I’m sure

  15. OH Bev. Kids you gotta love them – sometimes you want to strangle them though.


    BTQW I have put a link to your blog in my latest blog update as i have uploaded the LO form your calss.

    Love you.


  16. Oh I forgot to mention how much Iove your birds.

    And sorry bout my typos I really have to read my posts b4 I post them.

  17. […] canvas and another like it which Charlize and Jessi finished off today. They did the background a couple of weeks ago… using glimmermist with masks, stamping with silver paint and black ink and Stampin’ Up […]

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