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More Pics …

I took lots so there could be a few of these posts in the next while!

One of the first things I noticed about Australia was the trees … just how I imagined Australian trees to look like … lots of really tall gum trees. And the road signs were cool too …


although it was really hard to take photos of road signs while driving … this one happened to be along the way when I was out walking one morning.

My morning walks were particularly enjoyable. It was perfectly light at 5am and a lot cooler so it was a good time to walk and explore.

The first night we stayed up near Sunshine Coast way in a perfectly beachy, holiday mode type place. My morning walk was just totally awesome with the sun rising before my eyes and the typically Australian sounds all around.


This pelican was rather fascinating, it was neat to see him fly in and land on the water. (Photos borrowed from Ingeborg because I forgot to take my camera on this walk … duh!)

There were millions of birds in the trees at one point, it wasn’t till I looked up that I realised they were all beautifully colourful rainbow parrot type birds. So wish I had captured them on camera … but was greatful that Ingeborg managed to capture most of the sights I saw.


We ate breakfast at this delightful holiday park.


The cabins were so cool and I could just picture my family staying in one of these … bunks three high in one room and a double bed in another … just perfect. Maybe one day this could be a family holiday destination.


This was my breakfast … pancakes and ice cream … it was so hot the ice cream was melting before it even got to me and this was just 8am. And yes, this was the beginning of a lot of interesting/naughty food choices for the week … I’m so gonna make a mini album of Australian food I ate.

After the retreat we stayed in this farm house…


Thanks to Sam who arranged this for us. This is her parents house but they were away so we never got to meet them but staying here was such a blessing and a perfect way to wind down from the retreat and spend an extra night or two with the 10 or so girls who stayed on. The house was technically on a farm with this view…


… but 15mins into my morning walk and I was at one of the hugest shopping malls I’ve ever seen. Wish I could have bottled up every sight, sound and smell I experienced … it was all so amazing … even the cane toad I almost stood on while walking. The night sounds were particularly impressive, it really felt as if I was listening to an ambience recording of typical Australian sounds.

Well, today has been fully back to reality. I’ve done washing and grocery shopping and all those domestic type activities. I’ve caught up on blogs and e-mails … if I owe you an e-mail please let me know, I probably overlooked a few in an effort to clear my in box.

I’ve also made the decision to not check in on all the forums. I see, from reading blogs, that most are running Christmas challenges, a part of me doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun, but then in an effort to simplify my life in the lead up to Christmas I really need to stay away. Who knows … it may only last a week before I’m back in there checking up on all the news. In the mean time … let me know if there’s anything important I should be aware of.



11 Responses

  1. I look forward to seeing more photos and reading more. Wow at the ice cream melting at 8.00am. Wow like the view from the farmhouse and I love the photos your friend took. Personally I don’t think you much on the forum, but then again I don’t go to a lot of them and I am probably lissing out on all the going ons, but now I am back at work it’s been good to cut back on my time online.

  2. Love the photo of the pelican, very Austrailian. It’s so hot and humid over there, I’m not suprised you went for ice cream for breakfast! Ice cream and gallons of water.

  3. wow it sounds like a wonderful holiday! And your walks sound amazing!

  4. mmm ice cream and pancakes…. ooohhhhhh warmth……. no sure about the early starts!!!! sounds like you had a blast…. as for the christmas events….I’ve given them a miss as far too busy this time of year- one december album enough for me!!!!

  5. Those are great photos, thanks for sharing them with us. Looking forward to seeing your album when it’s done.
    Hope you got some birthday mail from me when you got home …

  6. I saw the pancakes and ice cream and thought … yummy!!!

    Ewwwhhhhhh on the 5 am walks, that is just a bit keen my friend … you were on holiday!!!!!

    Look forward to more show and tell pics.

  7. I loved the pelicans too and to see them flying overhead was just fantastic. Great photos and my Mum lives over there and says that time of the day is best for walking too.

  8. is that maroochy river?!!!thats where i live!!!! i probally saw you walking in the morning, i go walking every morning along there too (i am one street back from the river!) wow…small world! so glad you loved it here ….its a great place to live for sure 🙂

  9. Awesome pics – between those and your descriptions of what you see and heard, it takes me back to our sunshine coast trip 4 years agao….sigh….. good times!!!
    Maybe we should do a girly getaway sometime! LOL

    Icecream for breakfast?! That sounds so very wickedly GOOD!

  10. wow you’ve got some great looking photos

  11. I hear you on the Christmas Challenge things, after stories in hand and the Eidou one…I”m done! and they finish by the end of Nov. The retreat and days after sound like a real blessing for you. I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

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