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Lots to do …

… and not enough time to do it all.

So here I am blogging!

Thought you might like to see this layout I did for Scrap of Faith last week …

A PDF of instructions is linked from the SOF blog …. you might find some layering secrets too if you’re lucky.

Apparently there’s a game of tag happening … and I’m ‘it’ … thanks Mandy!

Not sure if I can think of 7 random things about myself but I’m certainly thinking of more than 7 things to do at any one time right now.

1. Mum and Dad are arriving tonight … will go pick them up from the airport soon … so consequently my house is looking tidier than normal … I always do housework when I’m expecting visitors … but if you call round unexpectedly you may or may not get past the front door!

2. Went out for dinner Saturday night to celebrate a friends birthday … had a small menu crisis when I couldn’t find anything on the menu that didn’t have seafood or mushrooms in it … I don’t do seafood … it makes me throw up compulsively … every 5 mins till there is absolutely nothing left in my tummy.

3. I never used to eat green lollies … those were the ones I gave away … Dad probably thought I was such a generous kid! Now …. I eat all the lollies I can get … best not to have them in the house!

4. I hate folding washing … it piles up real high … and the kids drawers are almost empty before I eventually give in and start folding.

5. I quite often don’t remember if I’ve watched a movie before … until about halfway through when I suddenly realise I know what’s going to happen next. This is possibly because I hate sitting still and will quite often get up and do something while the movie is on… it takes a lot of self control to sit still in a movie theatre … Lord of the Rings was torture!

OK … I know that’s only 5 but I’ve run out of time. If you want to play … consider yourself tagged.


7 Responses

  1. nice layout- love the colours…….. and well done on running with the tag!!!!

  2. oh I like all the detail on that layout and love how you have placed flowers on top of the flowers on the pattern paper it gives a real cluster feeling. Like the colour scheme and the circle as well. As for green lollies Mike is still like that. Yipee for lamb shanks coming to the rescue then. Enjoy your visitors.

  3. Lovely layout, Beverley.
    I hope you enjoy your time with your parents. Your mum is going with you to Aussie, right?
    LOL at not eating green lollies. I have another friend who does the same thing. I’m not a lolly person at all but if I was I don’t know that I’d be discriminating based on colour! 😉

  4. Tim would’ve been your friend then because he likes green lollies!

    Of course we like to see LOs! 🙂
    Off to check out layering instructions…

  5. LOL at the movies. I would rather wait for the DVD to come out and even then I’m up and down doing all sorts of stuff whilst its on. Very rarely sit through the whole thing. I don’t do seafood either.

  6. Hmmm off to check out the layering instructions – need all the help I can get. LOL on the movies, I walked out on LOR…Must remember the mushrooms and seafood if you ever come for dinner…

  7. Love the layout… colours are gorgeous. The random stuff is so funny – the bit about not knowing if you’ve seen a movie or not – totally relate!! Say Hi to your Mum and Dad 🙂

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