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SENZ report!

Three days of classes, shopping, friends and fun and I don’t have a photo to show for it!

Well, actually I do have two little photos

The cupcakes … not that flash really and the chocolate ones were on the dry side I think. But then it was the best I could come up with given I had about 20mins to ice them after a full day out at SENZ before the crop at Kiwiscraps.

And my swap pin …

That would be another cupcake … funny that! Actually gotta admit, I didn’t actually make swap pins … I just made one, then took the bits to the crop on Saturday night and let everyone make their own … using my new found alcohol inks skills.

Loved using alcohol inks with Rachel Greig … not so fussed on the class situation … squishy with pushy ladies … but it was good to have a play with all the colours and work out which ones I ‘needed’ to buy and to also have a play with some darkroom door stamps … loved the tree ones best of all! I don’t have a photo of my tags but go visit Mandy to see hers.

The shopping … unbelievable how much you can spend in a total of two hours. Didn’t like it on Friday … waaaay too many people but by Sunday there may have been less people but also less stuff! I haven’t taken a photo of my purchases … mostly because the evidence could would be incriminating and I thought it best to quickly disperse it in amongst my old stuff!

The people …. soooo good to meet up with old friends and new friends. Dinner at cobb n co …. I AM NOT THE NOISY ONE! The manager was totally mistaken! Really do think people should have been walking around with their avatar pics on their foreheads cause I needed it … just a bit slow on figuring out who was who. The crop was fun … but I didn’t actually crop … it was just nice to have a place to chat with friends and see their shopping triumphs and class projects.

I spent most of my SENZ time in the classroom helping in Nic and Lusi’s classes. Totally amazing prima goodness in Nic’s classes. She has pics on her blog of the buffet table we set up and then there was the glimmermist… total glimmermist heaven. Lots of pretty colours … I quickly got to know my favourites and now have one or two bottles at my house!

Lusi is so totally lovely and her classes were just as cool as Nic’s yet totally different. Everyone came away with amazing layouts and projects and were also totally inspired by Lusi’s enthusiasm. It was very exciting to meet her … giving me a kind of sneak preview as to what it will be like to meet the other SOF girls when I get there in November. Can’t wait!

So with the new goodies I happened to buy and the inspiration received I’m totally ready to create. It’s a good thing school’s back!


16 Responses

  1. HUGE fun weekend, loved meeting you and your cupcakes (the cookies n cream ones anyway) beat the shop ones hands down. Thanks for being so kind to a Crusader in Hurricanes territory!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time Bev – Lusi is something else isn’t she, she positive, so caring, I know I loved catching up with her in Brissie last year. Looking forward to seeing your creations from the weekend (well at least some using your new stash that was very quickly absorbed into the old stash of stuff at home. Looking forward to meeting up with you in November. Only a month to go now – can’t wait.

  3. Hi Beverley,

    It was great to have a brief chat with you, sorry I was so “not with it” when we met, my wallet had just gone missing and I was totally depressed, all my ID gone! including a very special momento. Sounds like you had a great SENZ experience, wasn’t it great? Apart from my wallet going missing I had a ball.
    Happy Scrapping!

  4. mmmm *remembering those cupcakes*…… they were FAB… as for the squishy class space- forgot that too!!!!! as for dispersing the gear into old stuff…. hahahahahahaha “””did it work????”””””

  5. Thats was a clever idea getting us to make your swap pins. Lol what do you mean you are not going to take photos of your goodies and will just disperse it all. I showed Mike but he was feigning interest in my purchases lol. They have now been put away. Did Rebekah fill you in on all the details of camp?? Like you I didn’t take photos of people over the weekend or the venue!!

  6. Great to catch up with you Beverley……cupcakes look amazing LOVE that stand!!!…..told you I stalked your blog….

  7. Sounds like an amazing time – love the comment about “dispersing” your goodies amongst your existing stash, I probably would have done the same thing (or taken a photo before I got home). LOL πŸ˜€

  8. Oh no! you’ve hidden your stash!! Actually, I’m feeling rather saintly with my wee haul. Or, actually, is it a bit green with envy that people spotted stuff I didn’t??! πŸ˜†

  9. I think you might just be the cupcake queen of the crop! LOL and also having a laugh at hiding your new stuff amongst the old. That bad – hmmmm! LOL

  10. Those cupcakes were great! Still think you should have rigged the prize in Nic’s class LOL! Yep, I couldn’t figure out where my money all went…then I actually unpacked my bags and realised that it wasn’t bad shopping! Great to catch up with you again my friend.

  11. Very much enjoying these SENZ reports πŸ™‚

    You were the cunning minx getting folks to make your swap pins! LOL!

  12. Beverley, that cookies’n cream cupcake was delicious! I had it for brekky the next morning as had eaten too much pizza at the crop – opps!
    So good to meet and thank you soo much for being our personal taxi driver on a few occassions.

  13. nice cupcakes πŸ˜‰ sounds like you girls had so much fun. Yay that you are all inspired and charged up to create some more!

  14. There was def. less stuff on Sunday but yeah, was soooo much easier having a look around. Some of the stalls were set-up sooooo wrong! lol Thanks so much for the tip on not shaking the glimmermist bottles – so needed to know that!

  15. sounds like a very full on but wonderful weekend! I love the look of your cupcakes -bet they weren’t dry at all! Kate

  16. Ha! Just saw this site and thought of you!


    Wishing i had gone to a crop with you guys…

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