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Whoo hoot Wednesday.

Lots to whoo hoot about this week.

* SENZ is only two sleeps away.

* Rebekah is away at camp for the week … we all miss her but it’s nice only having two kids to feed and put to bed.

* SENZ is only two sleeps away.

* Enjoying the sun today by lying on the grass watching the sky while the kids played at the Botanical Gardens playground.

* SENZ is only two sleeps away.

* My morning walk … I’m actually enjoying it.

* SENZ is only two sleeps away.

* My new bag … it hasn’t fallen apart yet!

* SENZ is only two sleeps away.

* Michael has finished this round of Asthma research so he should be around more on the weekends now … and he got a nice cheque for his efforts … more $$$ for my trip to Australia!

* SENZ is only two sleeps away

* Going to The Sound of Music with Rebekah

* Did I mention SENZ is only two sleeps away???

The walking thing is actually my big whoo hoot for the week. I knew that both the holidays and daylight savings would be big challenges to my routine. Usually holidays are a good excuse to sleep in and hang out in my jammies for a bit longer than usual but I decided I had to keep up with the walking routine. So I’ve been getting up as usual at 7am and walking 40mins even though it’s holidays AND daylight savings messed up the time. Gotta be good for me right?


13 Responses

  1. Yay go you with your morning walk! Have fun at Senz!!

  2. Way to go Beverly and great list – By the way did you know that it’s only 2 sleeps until Senz?????lol!

  3. Two more sleeps ya!!!!! Rat bag!!!!!

    Go you on the walking … keep it up and yep, they tell me it has to be good for you!!!

    Enjoy those two more sleeps – lol!

  4. yeah I was having trouble with counting the sleeps to senz… so thanks for clearing that one up for me…

  5. Well done on that walking your an inspiration. So have you heard there are only two sleeps until SENZ?? Well thats the word on the street anyway lol. Loved reading how you were reading in the sun today, what bliss.

  6. Only 2 sleeps til SENZ? Never would have guessed that one?! LOL!
    See you there!

  7. so I guess theres only 2 sleeps till SENZ!!

    I got a treadmill 3 weeks ago so this is the first lot of school holidays that I’ve been able to continue with my walking – no matter what the weather! lol

  8. Good for you on the walking and do you know what -whilst today is 2 sleeps, tomorrow is only 1 sleep! LOL.
    Have a great time.

  9. Well, well, well. Somebody is a bit excited about SENZ!! And so you should be – have an AWESOME time!

    Good on you for sticking to your walking regimen … you are so inspiring!! I REALLY need to get off my butt, I am so lazy!

  10. And as I’m reading this post on Thursday….. now there is only ONE more sleep to go…..squeeeee!!

  11. Soooooo… I get the impression you are excited about SENZ? LOL! You have an awesome time there girl.

  12. So how was SENZ ???

    Friends of mine from Hamilton had a stall there.

  13. Hey Beverley, Was great to meet you too at Senz. Thanks for all your help.. will be adding you to my Fav’s to see what you get up to!!!

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