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The hills are alive …

with the Sound of Music.

Just been to see the show with Rebekah. Totally surprised myself with how many words I knew … not only from the songs either … I guess we’ve watched the movie a few too many times!

Came home to find this …

both busy concentrating

These little hands are constantly creating lately … lots and lots of tiny pieces of paper which seem to spread all over the house.

The strawberries looked pretty impressive though … it turns out that when the red colouring was done they were passed over to Daddy for his turn. Daddy had the green pen.


9 Responses

  1. And don’t you just love to see those little hands creating too. Sounds like she is taking after her mummy. Love to see Daddy there working with her also. Sound of Music is a bit of a favourite here also – our kids used to love to watch it in school holidays. How I miss those days.

  2. The hills are alive with the sound of music … sung in my bestest voice.

    and two very creative people at home … how cool is that!!!???!!!

  3. I remember staying with DH parents 21 years ago (that makes me sound old) and his younger brother watching the video of that musical over and over and over and yeah you get the picture! Good story but it drove us mad in the end LOL

  4. Awww cute!

  5. oh haven’t been to see that yet- heard it causes you to sing along….. and remember all the words!!!! as for the strawberrys- they are SO cute…. and love that dad got to do the green part!!!!!

  6. They both look very happy working together like that…. great teamwork on the strawberry making 🙂

  7. I am 16 going on 17, sounded like a wonderful treat for the both of you. Glad you got to see it. Now that Miss Jessie is a girl after my own heart with rings, that one on her finger looks cute. Didn’t her and daddy have fun there.

  8. Ah, my all-time favourite movie!! I know every single word – and not just to the songs, ROFL!! 😀
    Was it the sing-along movie you went to? We did that a few years ago, and everybody dressed up too. One guy was dressed as Rolf once he joined the German army (so basically a nazi!) and actually got beat up outside the cinema by somebody who didn’t realise it was a costume!!!
    Glad you & Rebekah enjoyed the movie – a nice Mum/daughter date. And looks like Dad had a fun time with Jessi too 🙂

  9. this makes me want to bust out my sound of music dvd and watch it… and sing along to the songs, of course! hehe.


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