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Two posts in one day

… isn’t that special!

Thought I should post today’s photo of the day

I had helpers to make cupcakes with me. I do baking with Charlize and Jessi most weeks but it was a novelty for Liam (Charlize’s 9 year old brother) … he was mixing the icing for me and chatting about how he helps around the house by picking stuff up and doing the dishes … mixing icing seemed like a bit of a novelty … so was real butter wrapped in paper … they only have the sort that comes out of a plastic container at their house! I got him to have a go at piping the icing but it is apparently harder than it looks and he gave up after two cupcakes!

I do enjoy the school holidays … desipite my moaning about being interupted with kid needs and stuff. I like the change in routines, not having to run kids places and do drop offs and pick ups and all that. I like giving the kids new experiences and teaching them stuff in a casual way. I quite like the extra cuddles I can snatch throughout the day too.

Speaking of a learning opportunity … Jessi managed to lose the knife behind the cupboard so I educated her in the magic of magnets and metal stuff. And Alexander learned that stapling his finger hurts which resulted in him turning completely white, going dizzy and throwing up.

So anyway … I was just relaxing here in the sun and catching up on blogs and I read on Vicki’s blog about a ‘win a handbag’ opportunity. So I clicked on the link and filled in the info for one chance to win, then found I can get lots more chances just for blogging about it and spreading the word. So go here to Handbag Planet and then you can be in to win too… everyone could do with a new handbag right?


7 Responses

  1. Yuck, stapling your finger, not a good idea, poor soul! The cupcakes look yum though, funny about the butter. Good luck in the handbag draw!

  2. Alexander would be in good company with Aaron then. Good luck with the handbag – which one did you go for?

  3. just entered the draw too, and added the link…and also wrote on my post…”you can never have too many handbags!!!!!” love the butter in a wrappoer comment!!!!!

  4. ekks at stapling your finger and going white and throwing up lol. Cool that jessie learned about magnets and love those cupcakes. Sorry to read you were expelled but very cool you can still go to lessons.

  5. So geepers, there’s a few of us going for the bags then!! Wonder which ones we’re going for!
    Love the cupcakes…. Do you feel the NEED to go steal Sarah’s tool box when she isn’t looking like I do?? LOL

  6. Yum! *licks screen*

    Owie about the stapler incident – it really does hurt. 😦

  7. what a great post -your cupcakes look so yum I think we may have to do a bit of baking here in the morning. I stitched right through my finger once so I can empathize with the stapler poor mite!

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