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Been meaning to blog …

I keep thinking up blog posts in my head but when I sit down to write I get distracted with other blogs, e-mails and things … or I hear ‘Muuummm …. ‘ It’s day 4 of the school holidays and my day is filled with kids and kid needs.

So what’s happening …

I didn’t get through to the next Bad Girls class … I knew the white space thing wasn’t good enough! It’s a good thing though … because with the school holidays and messed up routines and stuff I would have completely missed signing in to the class on Tuesday and then I would have been out anyway…. and that would have been a really frustrating way to go!

I can still play as an ‘expelled student’ so I may just do that because the lessons are good ones and the best way to learn is by doing. This weeks lesson is on accessorising so if I can uncover my scrap desk I might just get a layout done.

My bag is coming along nicely … I’ve ran out of cotton three times … I’m a slow learner but this time I got a bigger roll!

I’m looking after my friends kids again these holidays so have extra kids around. Yesterday the little girls made sock puppets.

Today the big girls have decided they want to make one too … so all the puppet making bits are out again.

I was going to do the week in photos thing but may just leave that till life goes back to normal but I am doing a ‘photo a day’ challenge with the Fiskars girls. The above photo was yesterdays and I haven’t got my camera out today … really don’t like taking photos around the house when it’s in such a mess from having too many kids playing with too many toys.

Had a lovely evening out last night at Sarah’s. We made a cool card and ate amazing and yummy cupcakes … you should see her cake decorating tool-box … seriously … it’s a tool-box filled with all her icing bits and pieces … I NEED one just like it!

Well … I’ve been interrupted a million times while writing this I have no idea what else I was going to say and my kid is trying to get something out from behind the shelf with a kitchen knife so I’d better go pay attention to her.


8 Responses

  1. Love the sock puppet and sounds like a busy time you are having!

  2. Sorry you didn’t make it to the next round, but love that you can still attend class as an “expelled student”. LOL.

    Cute sock puppets!

  3. one of these days I intend to make a sock monkey 😉

    bummer you didn’t make it to the next round.

    good luck with the holidays! Frankly I’d rather do that than be at work but there ya go.

  4. LOL never a good look, the kids and knives! Wonder where they learnt that trick from hmmm??! Love the sock puppet, very cute. Glad to hear you had a good night over at Sarah’s. I’m looking forward to catching up next week, now that it’s getting closer!

  5. love the puppets…. what a cool idea…. as for the cupcakes I am sad I missed it..

  6. very cool sock puppet there. I ams till laughing at the site of your three and Sarah ohhing and ahhing over her toolbox ( so cute). Wow butter in paper is now a novelty, I always have some handy for moments like those.

  7. That puppet is gorgeous… when Mr 5 goes away this weekend the girls will love doing something similar.

    sorry you didn’t get through… enjoy being expelled!

  8. love the puppets! Neat idea, might have to use that one next week!

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