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It’s Wednesday.

Whoo Hoot Wednesday … Janine style.

The walking thing has officially become a habit … I was even up and out there 30 mins earlier than usual today. I know it’s a very tender thing though and just a small moment of laziness could be enough to break the habit and have me back to sleeping in.

More signs of spring are appearing … I’m sure there were loads more blossoms around today than there were yesterday.

Jessi singing this song in her sweetest voice:

I love youuuuuuuu

I love youuuuuu

I love you so much I want to keep youuuuuuu

I love youuuuuuu

Making plans for coffee with friends tomorrow.

Crafting projects for the week …

Making Christmas Cards with the ladies from Church.

Planning my layout class for the SOF retreat.

Working on my ‘homework’ for Bad Girls.


10 Responses

  1. wooohoo! Great list! WTG you on the walking thing – you’re a total inspiration…maybe I CAN force myself to become a “morning person” after all (might take investing in a supah dupah Janine style coffee machine though!) Sounds like a fun crafting week!

  2. great list – loving the song…….. coolllllllll
    as for the morning walks – sounds good….. sadly I am NOT a morning person
    I’m waiting for daylight saving so i can do the whole evening walk thing

  3. Good job on the walking, Beverley! You are inspiring! I really need to kick myself in the butt and GET UP early. But like Mandy I am not a morning person and I hate walking in the dark, so also hanging out for DLS.

  4. The whole family planned to go walking this morning but didn’t take long for us all to pike out one by one. Maybe tomorrow! LOL

  5. Argh Christmas cards – don’t scare me like that lol. Go you on making some. I have great plans to and then end up buying some cheapo pkt of whse cards – the shame. lol
    Love Jessi’s song – too cute.

  6. Up and out of bed early eh … good on you!!!! That’s not for me unfortunately. I like my bed in the morning. It’s bad enough getting out of bed just before 7.00 each day without getting up earlier … ewwwwhhhhhhhh!!!

  7. well done on that walking habit. Love the wee song Miss Jessi was serenading you with. Sounds like the cardmaking was successful.

  8. I enjoy walking and when the weather allows it I go after school drop off.

    I sat and planned my Christmas card for this year yesterday, placed the order then got told after it was send that the main pp I want is not in stock and they won’t be getting anymore in ARGH!!!

  9. Got to love those songs…and love it when they get into doing rhyming words and then make up their own words, laughing away at their own joke. Too cute. Glad to see your setting a good example and doing your ‘homework’ LOL!

  10. *giggles* at the cute song 😉

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