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Just a quick…

woo hoot list Angel style.

1. September is here (spring, warmer weather etc)

2. I’ve gone out walking at 7am for 3 mornings in a row (how many till it’s a habit)

3. I was brave and got my blood test done today (I was putting that one off for a while now)

4. Soccer is finished so no soccer practise on Wednesdays any more.

5. Having space in the kids bedrooms now that the spare beds have gone.

6. Dh has shingles … yeah so maybe that’s not something to woo hoot about … but it means that he can’t do his asthma research thing on the weekend … which means I get to go out on Saturday without kids … and he’ll be home Sunday morning so we can do the Father’s day thing (presents, breakfast, Church)

and a special woo hoot to Sarah … it’s her birthday today.

12 Responses

  1. UUUmmmm methinks shingles isn’t something to woohoo about – LOL! But yippee for him being round at the weekend! 🙂
    Go the walking – am looking forward to being able to get out in the evenings soon, now that it is getting a lot lighter.

  2. Shingles & wooohoooo?? ….Methinks you were wooohoooo-ing at the fact you have a crop to go to while the kids are at home to look after dear old Dad! 😀

  3. well I am thirding that whoo hoot about you being able to go out and have a day out. Great list there and whoo hoot at that walking.

  4. LOL at what the others have said. Enjoy your day out at the weekend then!

  5. Wahoo for the weekend then Beverely. Ummm I think a few more days yet to make the morning walk onto your list of habits!

  6. Go you on the walking … these things take time … but three in a row – definitely something to woo hoot about.

    Poor hubby – something he could do without … but hey, if it leaves him at home and you can go out and do your thing … well I guess that is a woo hoot!!!!

    Pass on the blood test … needles and I … ARE SO NOT FRIENDS!!!

  7. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that Michael is sick! Shingles is not fun, apparently. I hope he’s up to the babysitting role he has obviously been given, LOL 🙂

    Enjoy your Saturday … and well done on getting your blood test done!

    P.S. I’ve read it takes 14 times for something to become a habit, not sure how true that is … but regardless, I think 3 mornings in a row is very good!!

  8. lol at the walking how long till it becomes a habit when you find out let me know.
    yay for a saturday without kids.

  9. enjoying the warmer weather too – so much nicer for walking!

  10. so glad its not just me that is pleased soccer practise is over lol

  11. Awwww thank you!! I’d heard about two weeks for something to become a habit too – you’ll get there!

  12. […] walking thing has officially become a habit … I was even up and out there 30 mins earlier than usual today. […]

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