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Winter is over …

… there have been more springlike days than winter ones lately. Spring is officially winning and given that it’s September it’s officially spring. This makes me happy!

I even got a start on the spring cleaning yesterday … changing the kids rooms around. We took out the spare beds (if you come to visit now, you’ll be sleeping on the floor!) and gave Rebekah a room by herself. Loving the extra space so far … just need to lose a few surplus toys now.

Football season has finished. The last game was awesome … if they were all like that, it might have actually been enjoyable getting up early on a Saturday!

The team played the best yet … lots of goals and they looked like they were enjoying themselves lots. It was good to see Alexander getting in there and kicking the ball … way better than when he started the season and was worried about falling over when he kicked! He even got over the not wanting to get dirty thing … I found mud on his pants!

He played goalie for the second half, but his team was getting all the goals, so he spend most of his time cheering his team on from the other end of the field.

He only got some action near the end of the game when two of his team mates started playing for the other team. They had a team get together afterwards at McD’s with a mini olympic football closing ceremony. The coach had written a little speech about each kid and how they contributed to the team … we had an awesome coach, so good with the kids and always positive. So maybe he’ll play again next year … maybe.

We also did a touch of treasure hunting this weekend.

Trying out one of Alexander’s birthday presents … we found a bottle top, a nail and then we decided to look for crabs instead.

And chase the seagulls.

So here’s my fiskars layout I did last week. I’m hosting the monthly challenge over at the fiskars blog for September.

A nice and easy one … using circles. So I expect lots of circle entries … ‘specially from those of you who already practised with the cycling challenge for The Sketchbook Olympics.


7 Responses

  1. How exciting treasure hunting that sounds like a mini album in the making. Go you on the spring cleaning thats awesome. Aww the last soccer game sounded like a blast and you have to love a coach who takes time to say something nice about each child that means a lot to a child and a parent. Ohhh love that layout might have to come and play, I am loving circles at the moment.

  2. Ooh that is a lovely lo, so sweet.
    Yay for cool soccer coaches and cool last games.
    Is that a metal detector? Can I ask where you got it and is it good? Jaymin soooo wants one lol Thanx

  3. yeah also love the circle layout…. as for doing it will depend on time… have lots on at the mo…. love all the soccer pics and cool treasure hunt… i wanna come

  4. Um, big fat WOW on your fiskars layout! I’m in loooooove! I love that style, can’t replicate it for the life of me. *sigh* maybe when I grow up!

    Love all the photos, really liking this weather too – feeling more at home by the day – it’s amazing what a little sun can do!

  5. My hands are over my ears (and eyes LOL) can’t hear you on the spring cleaning LOL! Georgeous layout Beverley and love the beach photos. Makes me want to run out and chase the seagulls too…but I won’t LOL.

  6. Soccer is over already? We have another 3 weeks. Good to hear that Alexander has improved so much, and the coach sounds great, I love the idea of having a ceremony for the team and making a speech about each player. Great for confidence.

    The Fiskars layout is gorgeous!

  7. Hi Beverley; thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! I LOVE your Fiskars layout; so pretty and sweet, and I love how you have filled in the whole page; I am working on doing that myself. I hope you enjoy the Bad Girls classes; I thought about doing it myself but don’t really have the time; their gallery is awesome so it should be really good. I have added you to my bloglines now, so will be back to visit.

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