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I’ve been thinking a bit about seasons lately.

There’s no doubt that I’m looking out for every sign of spring, knowing that summer will follow on from there. And summer means blue skies, warm sun and a happier me. It’s not that I don’t like the cool crispness of winter, the warmth of a good fire and a bowl of soup but I’m a little over the dull, grey days and the wet and muddy ground outside.

It’s not just the weather seasons I’ve been thinking about. I posted this layout on the Fiskar’s blog recently …

I guess I’m in an ‘end of winter’ season of my life at the moment. I’m totally over the whole housewife thing, Jessi is growing up, soon I’ll have 3 kids at school. There’s potential for lots of changes to happen in my life. I noticed there’s a part-time job going at one of the local schools … I considered it … briefly … then I realised that I wouldn’t be able to parent help at kindy, I’d have to change my exercise plan, I’d need time off to go to Australia in November, I might miss out on meeting friends for coffee… so maybe I’m not quite ready to move on from this ‘season’ in my life just yet!

So, it’s Wednesday again … not quite sure how that happened!

1. The wedding.

2. Catching up with Hannah again … she’s so nice! She even gave my kids gifts.

3. I’m scrapping again … there’s an almost finished layout on my table and plans in my head for more.

4. Library d.v.d’s that keep the kids quiet on a wet afternoon.

5. Freshly bathed 4yr olds that love cuddles and smell nice and clean.


14 Responses

  1. love this layout – especially the wee clock in the bottom left corner!!!! hee hee
    as for the seasons – I AM OVER IT TOO!!!!! I am seeing blossoms more and more now so there is hope out there in the fog somewhere there!!! roll on spring…also …. love the way children cuddle after baths!!!!!

  2. Well, I am with you on being sick of winter! I hate almost everything about it, I am such a summer girl!

    It’s always hard when a season of your life is ending. I guess when your “baby” is gearing up for school, things start to feel different. But I think you have some very valid reasons for not wanting to get a job! Just think of all the extra scrapbooking time you’ll soon have! 😉 Hmm, perhaps you can find a casual job where you can work around your existing schedule and say “no” if you have something else more important to do? These things do tend to sort themselves out and work out for the best, I’m sure they will for you too.

    The layout is gorgeous, and I am looking forward to seeing your next masterpiece 🙂

  3. OMGosh…. I am SOOOO with you one the end days of winter….. come on Spring – because that means Summer won’t be too far away.

    Although, silver lining in Winter: warm slippers, hot chocolates and TONS of homemade veggie soups… YUM!!

    I hear you too on the not being quite ready for the “next” phase in life…. who would be my coffee buddy? There will be plenty of time to work when the kids are at school….. stay with us in this “season” just a while longer 😉

  4. some lovely daffs poking there heads out in my garden, so spring is coming very soon! Am so over the rain, roll on those long hot summer days! 🙂

  5. Love your seasons lo, so cool.
    I hear you on the sick of the wet stuff – it has been going on for far too long – enough already!! lol

  6. I giggled at what Kelly said cos its so true, stay with us in this season. But I hear you on the job thing, for me its guilt vs catching up with you and Kell. Theres SENZ, and my neices holiday stay with us at the end of September. Part of me hopes I dont find a job until after SENZ lol, is that selfish? LOve your whoo hoot list. Like you there are things about winter I like but I am ready for summer, just having that sun last week made such a difference to my attitude and I am sure I wouldnt feel so blah this week if the sun was shining.

  7. I lost the blahs today because we actually had sunshine. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to make big changes when Jessi goes off to school – take some time and just enjoy it because thats enough of a big change in itself.

  8. I’m always saying I couldn’t to go out to work cause
    I’m too busy having coffee with friends, shopping, cooking, cleaning, doing mother help somewhere, scrapbooking, etc…….

    I like winter but I’m OVER IT!!!

  9. What a gorgeous layout, I love all the colours Beverley! I’m right there with you, I’m ready to see what a Wellington Spring/Summer is all about! Enough gray….time for some blue skies!

  10. Love the photos of you Beverley.

  11. I appreciated your LO – very true. I’ve had such an abrupt change in the season in my life, and I wish I’d had a chance for it to change slowly. Lots of things I miss about the previous season! But also, some things to look forward to with the current season.

  12. I think we can all say that we would be happy to have a little more sun and fun in our lives 😛 Well I know I can say that.
    I hope that where ever your life path may take you next it is a happy journey. 🙂

  13. Woo hoo on your list … love that layout with ‘you’ in it … go you!!!

    Sometimes we’ve got to get used to the idea of change … before the change takes place …

  14. Every season has its attributes. Some like winter season and some like summer. But according to me every season has got some speciality.

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