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Happy Birthday Alexander

So … he’s officially 7 today.

This dinosaur loving, Ben 10 and Spiderman crazy, t.v watching kiddo is 7. He’s generally sweet, kind and thoughtful … like yesterday he walked through the kitchen and noticed me trying to cut pumpkin and he says ‘Mummy that looks really hard, when I grow up I’m going to cut the pumpkin for my wife!’

So the party …

There was alien cupcakes.

Rocket launching and coke and mentos fun. UFO flying (mini frisbies) and alien hand games (those sticky, stretchy hand thingys).

The flour game and the chocolate game. Notice the third eye on Jessi’s forehead … that would be for the alien treasure hunt … they had to find a bit of the ‘milky way’.

And then there was cake.

Spaceship cake with an alien on board. And there was green alien blood to drink … the fizzy sort.

And a very bad pic of the rocket loot bag which had their UFO, alien hand and a few other little bits inside. The kids decorated these themselves … yes I shared some of my scrap supplies … the design is actually the tube gifty thing that Sarah demonstrated at a recent Stampin’ Up! event I went to. Only I used a party hat for the top instead of a flat circle.

And mini M&M’s which I decorated like little rockets too.

And now the countdown has got that much more intense in the wait for a certain little miss to have her five birthday … February is such a looooong way off!


14 Responses

  1. You would have to be the coolest Mum around, what an amazing amount of work you put into their parties Beverley (I know it’s worth it to see their faces, and all the creativity is fun). Poor little sister having to wait till Feb for her birthday LOL!

  2. wowsa that sounds like the best party on the WHOLE block!!!!! so much effort from you, and it looks worth it… glad you could use the tube idea as a rocket. As for the february birthday – that is when mine is so please dont wish it to hurry wee Jessi haha

  3. Happy Birthday, Alexander! Sounds (and looks) like a really fun party! Ethan would have loved it, he is totally into aliens at the moment 😉
    Great job on the spaceship cake, too!

  4. Alexander and my Mr 7 could be twins! They definitely share the same taste in TV and aliens etc!
    And I don’t think I’m going to organise another party in my life – I’m paying you!! LOL – sounds like a fantastic party and the birthday boy sure looks happy

  5. great party Mum! Happy birthday Alexander 🙂

    We’ve got a 5 yr old coming up… but he’s already asking for train cakes again.

  6. Great Party Beverley – of course I love the cupcakes in the cupcake stand, especially since I love that cupcake stand and one stands in my kitchen also.
    The Birthday cake looks awesome and the kids look like they are having a ton of fun,

  7. wow that all looks wonderful. Happy Birthday Alexander.

    My DS is 7 next month, I’m trying not to think about parties though. lol

  8. I think we have said it before Beverley – you could turn your party ideas into a great business.

    What a fantastic party and lots of great ideas.

  9. Wowser you are such a cool mum, what a fantastic alien party. Love the cake and the cupcakes too

  10. what a great party, you seriously need to give thought to this as a business, I know you get so much joy for doing it for your own children and it would be different doing it as a job but you do it so well. I see googly eyes lol……great cake and how cool to use the tube idea to make mini rockets.

  11. Awww what a sweetie you’ve got there…he’ll make a good hubby one day! I love all the party stuff you did, the cupcakes look adorable! Very cool effect on the photo too – so effective.

  12. wow that looks like a 7 year old boys dream party! What a great job you did with everything. I especially love the alien cupcakes. And the big cake is very cool too.

  13. Oh wow love that cake my almost 4 year old would love that!

  14. i love that black and white picture with the red candles!!! how did you do that? it looks so fabulous

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