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Uh Oh …



While I taught kids classes at Kiwiscraps today, Jessi played at a friends house. Playing dress-ups turned into playing hairdressers … I was wondering what she would look like with short hair … now I know!

Needless to say … Maya’s Mum was rather upset when she found all five little girls sporting new, shorter hair styles. Her two little twins apparently now have very, very short hair! I guess I’ll be visiting a real hairdresser tomorrow, hopefully it can be tidied up a bit.

I’ve got lots to share … a whole weekends worth of parties and scrapping and family fun … will have to do that later though, the kids are hungry again!


19 Responses

  1. Oh my!!! You have to feel awful for the friend’s mother, how horrible she must have felt telling all the other mums!

  2. Crikey … did you count to ten and some!!!!

    Just imagine how Maya’s Mum must feel … dare I say it … would love to see pics of the girls lined up – oops!!!

  3. LOL! Feels like all they do is eat in the holidays! I think they did quite a good job of the haircut……at least it’s not scalped at the roots :0 I bet Maya’s mum was horrified!

  4. Oooppps! What a nasty shock it must have been for Maya’s Mum!

  5. oh dear I guess the um is feeling a little ibt bad! I’m sure the real hairdresser will tidy it up in no time

  6. Oops – but quiet giggle – been there and had to take the deep calming breaths. Yep the hairdresser will make all repairs.

  7. HAHAHAHAHA sorry but that is funny…. most children try it…. and it has happened at kgtn SOOOO many times…. least there weren’t chunks taken out… that the worst to try and tidy up!!!!! poor MUM who had them all

  8. Big oops – gotta feel sorry for the poor mum who found it all. At least it will grow back and being the good scrappy mum that you are – YOU TOOK PHOTOS! LOL

  9. well I am sorry but that is funny……and actually I didn’t think they did that bad a job of it…..I feel for that poor mum though. Gosh they have some imagination to play real haridressers…..

  10. Oh no but also LOL! Poor mum having to ‘fess up to everyone!

    I guess there is only a few weeks between a bad haircut and a good one 😉

  11. Oh oh! But it’s kinda funny, on the picit dont look tooo bad.
    Gorgeous Lo in the previous post Bev. Hope that your family’s health has improved over the last week.

  12. Ooooooops!!!

    Well, at least they only took it up to her shoulders… maybe?! I definitely feel for Maya’s mum…. she must have dreaded having to tell you all about their activities. Who did Jessie “experiment” on?? maybe there are some budding hair dressers there that will save us all a bundle in years to come 🙂

  13. Oh the memories of those days – remember the same thing happening to my daughter but perhaps not quite as drastic. I feel for Maya’s Mum. But hey it will make a great layout, and great memories and stories to pass on in years to come.

  14. Oh, my goodness! I would be having a fit. Thanks for your sweet comment on my site. 🙂 Carol

  15. my daughter did this before too! in the moment it is just horrifying but afterwards we all still have a chuckle. i even scrapped the event. at least your little one’s “new do” isn’t too short!

  16. Oh dear! All kids do this at some stage though. I cut my long hair when I was 4 years old but grew bored after doing one side. Then tried to bury the evidence in the garden (thinking no one would know!) which my siblings saw as soon as they got home from school, haha. Ended up having to have a short page boy cut to sort it out. Well it was 1971 or something like that.

    Something for Jessi to laugh about in a few years time. 🙂

  17. Ops that not a easy thing to inform parents about.LOL

    Nevermind it will grow back.

    “the kids are hungry again!” that always happens when I am on the puter too.LOL

  18. Sorry, I laughed. Was Jessi ok with it ?

    I gave my dolls haircuts once and got upset when the hair didn’t grow back.

  19. Yeah must admit I had a giggel too. I feel sorry for Maya’s Mum, but it’s just so typical of girls this age isn’t it?!

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