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So my Louise style layout …


Not that I could actually do a layout as cool as Louise’s but I had fun trying. The two things I have admired most about Louise’s layouts are the acetate bits and the chalking thing … so they were must haves for my layout.

I dug deep into my ‘art’ box and found some beautiful coloured chalk pastels and some charcoal – used back in the day when I spent hours sketching stuff.Β  Good messy fun … I still have black fingers!

Now, the cookies and cream cupcake recipe can be found here. I’d make some for you Mrs Frizz but you’d have to come get them!

The holidays have got off to a bad start mostly because we are all sick. Jessi came down with a cold on Monday and spent most of the day sitting on me, with high temps and a snotty nose. Michael and I both got it the following day … only Michael got the ‘Man’ version and spent time lying around in bed while I carried on caring for kids and making meals etc. Rebekah had the high temps today and feels rotten, it’s her birthday tomorrow but if she’s still feeling yuck we’ll have to postpone her party – it won’t be much fun having friends for a sleep over when all she wants to do is actually sleep!

I popped out after the kids were in bed this evening to buy some birthday presents and party food. I haven’t made a cake yet … I figure we’ll see how she is in the morning, but I’d better go wrap those presents … I’m sure she’ll be wanting those.


14 Responses

  1. sorry to hear you are all sick thats not much fun at all. Happy Birthday Miss Rebekah, I hope you have a fantastic birthday. I hope she is well today Beverley.

  2. Don’t you just want to shut yourself off from the world when your sick and let someone else deal with it all, so not fair that Mum’s can’t do that. Hope your girl has a lovely birthday today and that she’s well enough for a party. Take care of yourself my friend.

  3. On no, poor you and sorry you have to deal with man flu, Happy Birthday Miss Rebekah and I am sure the presents will go and long way towards making her feel better πŸ™‚

    OH and I LOVED your layout so STUNNING and I just love how you can work with so many PP’s mine never look that good πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Birthday Rebekah, hope that you are feeling heaps better!

    I love your layout and thanks heaps for the cupcake recipie – am hosting a baby shower next week so will use that!

  5. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about all the sickness in your house! I really hope Rebekah feels better for his birthday, it would be a real shame to postpone the party (but definitely better than infecting all her friends and having her feel miserable).
    Get well soon … all of you!

  6. Obviously, I meant “I really hope Rebekah feels better for HER birthday” … doh!!!

  7. oh dear oh dear. get well soon Warwick household!

    Have saved that recipe!

  8. hope you all feel better soon! Love the layout – think you captured Louise really well – and still have you all over it πŸ™‚

  9. Wow you have rocked that layout — keep going back to look at it. Colour combo – gorgeous!!!!!

    Cupcakes … hmmmmm … so I’m more than a little geographically challenged … but hey … funnier things have happened before now!!

    Hopefully all the bugs will take up residence at someone else’s house [but NOT mine!!!] I think you’ve done your dash buddy!!!

    Happy birthday young lady!!!

  10. Hi Beverley, was randomly blogsurfing and happened to come here.

    I think your artwork is gorgeous! I’m quite interested in cardmaking myself but my stuff (mostly cut-and-paste paper stuff) pales in comparison! Plus all these embellishments are discouragingly expensive around here.

    So I decided to switch to making zip pouches πŸ˜› They are cheaper to embellish and decorate, and less messy!!

    P/S: I hope your daughter gets well soon!

  11. Sickness in our house too not much fun. Love your layout louise style.

  12. wow it’s a stunning Layout.

  13. Love your layouts. They inspire me to get a bit more daring.

    Sorry to hear you have all been unwell.

    Our first week of the hols wasn’t that great either, but at least it can only get better.

  14. […] at Daring Cardmakers. Jessi cut her hair off, while playing hairdressers with her friends. I tried scrapping ‘Louise’ style and liked […]

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