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Whoo Hoot Wednesday … again!

It’s that time again … today wasn’t that flash so I’ll have to dig further back in the week for something good …

Mum and Dad coming to stay. When Dad was rushed to hospital after a seizure a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t sure if he’d make it up to see us, but he’s doing alright. Last years head injury still very evident though.

Dinner out with family/friends – an early birthday celebration for Rebekah with her Grandparents.

The cool black boots that Grandad bought paid for.

The movie night we put on for the Rally kids last Thursday evening. We turned the Church into a movie theatre, (is that bad?) provided popcorn, (you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find un popped popcorn kernels in Johnsonville!) jaffas, coke and watched Underdog. This is an annual event and very popular. The kids get to bring their families and a friend, we buy prizes and have a prize draw … the big prize being the dvd that we watch.

I made cookies and cream cupcakes for the adults supper … very, very yummy!

Now, layouts I haven’t shared yet …

I honestly didn’t think I’d get this one done on time – So you think you can scrap – Lisa style. I’ve been meaning to take a better photo but haven’t quite got round to doing that yet.

I’m glad I did get it done though, 2 points for this one.

And my Friday night challenge example at The Sketch Book … red, white, blue and stars.

Also meant to take a better pic but haven’t got round to it.

I’d tell you how my holidays are going … but I want to keep this post positive!


10 Responses

  1. Awesome layouts Beverly and I would love it if you were able to share your Cookies and Cream Cupcake recipie, they look amazing!

    Sorry to to hear about your dad’s seisure a few weeks ago! I always wonder how he is getting on!

  2. That doesn’t sound good … about the holidays. Yep, keep the post positive. Sending you positive vibes for the remainder of the school holidays my friend.

    Mind you, in saying that, it’s got to be pretty special having Mum and Dad to stay considering Dad’s health – so that’s positive!!!

    Blow sharing the cupcake recipe, I will just have the cupcakes – ROFL.

  3. I am with Mrs Frizz, blow sharing the recipe just share the cupcakes lol. As for the popcorn was it hard? eeeeeks I have a packet of unpopped corn kernals in the pantry. The movie night sounded fantastic and I love Miss R’s boots, very styley. I love that bird on the Lisa style layout and that layout is stunning love the circle and space around it too. well done on the points.

  4. Uh oh … sounds like the holidays are causing some problems! I guess looking after 3 other kids is making it a little tricky … you’re an absolute saint to taking that task on! I looked after 2 extra for 4 days in January and nearly went mad.
    The movie night sounds awesome!
    Glad you enjoyed having your parents to say, ver special.

  5. it’s only the first week – i hope they improve!!! {hug}

    The cupcakes look awesome… share the recipe? (I got a cake stand for my birthday 😉 )

    I really admire you girls doing that competition… you got guts.

  6. Now that’s just not fair that the holidays aren’t going well, you’ll be counting the days till they’re all back at school and kindy…movie night sounded like fun…hate cleaning up all the dropped popcorn though LOL!

  7. Wow, those are beautiful boots! I bet she loves them to bits and gets maximum wear out of them.

    Your cupcakes look a gazillions times yummier than the ones in the shop. I agree, you just have to share your recipe, pretty please!

    (((hugs))) re. whatever hasn’t made the holidays all you wanted them to be. Take care. 🙂

  8. Nice that you got to have your parents come for a visit Bev, especially after the hard time your dad has been through recently. Boots must be definately the goer this year as Chloe has just picked up her first pair also. Your layouts are gorgeous – never tire of seeing your lovely work.

  9. Hope today has been a better day. I am threatening to lock my child in a cupboard – always room for more lol
    Love your Lisa lo and love the sound of cookies and cream cupcakes – yum

  10. Oh I adore that my littlegirl LO , it looks like it shines! Gorgeous!
    Hope you have a better remaining week Bev 🙂

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