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A tag from Kelly …

… I didn’t forget, honest!

Ten years ago: was June 1998. Ummm, Michael and I had been married for two and a half years. I was teaching at Miramar South School. Michael was studying and working part time … I think. We were house sitting in Strathmore, very involved in the junior youth group which we helped start at Church.

Five things in todays β€˜to do list’:
1.Post a couple of c.j’s and a layout at the post shop.

2. Coffee with Tara. (Sshhh don’t tell Jessi – she misses having coffee with Tara!)

3. Buy black cardstock to finish start my ‘so you think you can scrap’ layout.

4. Do a few loads of washing.

5. Bake something yummy for supper – Bible Study at our place.

Snacks I enjoy: A choccie bickie with my coffee, a piece of fresh fruit.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:

Pay the bills!

Places I have lived:

Wanganui, NZ

Feilding, NZ

Morrinsville, NZ


Wellington, NZ

I won’t tag anyone, but feel free to have a go if you haven’t already.

So the weekend is over, and so is Monday. They really should make weekends go slower I think.

Saturday morning was the now familiar routine of juggling both a netball and a soccer game. Why is it that netball courts and soccer paddocks are always situated in the most coldest parts of town? I really need a warm sport watching jacket I think.

Saturday afternoon I spent with Janine and Mandy and the Paper, Scissors, Crop people at Kiwiscraps. I made a door knob hanger thingy for Gracie, who is now a big sister.

I’ve shared all the details here.

I also worked on a canvas for baby Liam, but it’s still a work in progress ’cause I had a few issues getting a photo printed.

Here he is:

Liam Joseph Davis.

Doesn’t he just look like he needs to be picked up and cuddled? Not fair that I can’t fulfill my Aunty duties – cuddles and then give him back when he starts to cry or smell funny. I guess I can still send over a suitably noisey toy for him…


9 Responses

  1. You have lived in quite a few places! Me – only one!
    I love that door knob hanger, it’s so pretty! And yes, Liam is very very cute. I hope you will get to meet him soon.

  2. Love the door hanger you have made, very cute design! Liam is georgous! Have a fun day!

  3. Noisey presents in the absence of your own presence is a fair substitute I say! πŸ˜›

  4. awww he does look so cute, would love to see the final product on that other layout you were working on now that you have the photo. Looks like a noisey toy indeed does need to be sent.

  5. Definitely noisy toys. Love the door hanger.

  6. Noisy presents are the prerogative of aunties. I think buzzy bees are a good option or something very loud that requires batteries.

    Very cute door hangers!

  7. Beverley – awwww, he’s so cute! I know all about those missing Aunty cuddles. Mine probably won’t happen for 2-3 years 😦 Love the doorknob hanger! Very cute πŸ˜‰

  8. Oh he is just gorgeous! Yes, definitely a Buzzy Bee. Every Kiwi kid needs one of those.

    The door hanger is really neat and big sis deserves a present too.

  9. Aww, feeling clucky looking at that little doll! And what a gorgeous doorknob name label!
    Hmm, Miramar South School, lived in Strathmore, you might know some people I know…Coopers? Though not sure if it was Miramar South she worked at or another school in Miramar. Hubby grew up opposite Scots.

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