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Cupcakes and another tag.

So … the youth group came to our house tonight … I made cupcakes …

Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

So Widdleshamrock tagged me – with a girly tag. If you’ve read my thoughts on pampering which I disclosed in Janine’s Pamper Me circle journal … you’ll be laughing right now … this is so not something I do well. But a tag is a tag and I will do it!

My Foundation:

A creamy light brown liquid type stuff that came from Nutrimetics I think and once I used some fancy shiseido stuff.

My Mascara:

Black or brown/black can’t remember … I think that was nutrimetics too.

My Day Cream:

Olay the kind that has sunscreen in it too.

My Essential Beauty Product:

Um … I use deodorant daily!

My Favorite Makeup Product:

I quite like the things you can do with eyeliner … and it doubles as a pen if ever you can’t find one.

My Perfume:

Perfume is stinky and makes me sneeze.

My Nails:
I’m currently wearing silver glitter polish which Rebekah just got from the $2 shop – must remember to find some remover stuff so I can get it off.

My Hands:

I use emu oil – from one of those annoying stalls that pop up at craft shows but have nothing to do with crafts. Honestly this stuff is magic it heals the cracks I get in my fingers and it’s not all greasy … I can carry on scrapbooking straight after putting it on.

My feet:
Same emu oil stuff … fixes the cracks in my heals too.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:
1. Emu Oil
2. Eyeliner – for writing a message in a bottle
3. Shampoo – gotta have clean hair.

Women I admire for their beauty:

I have no idea … the kind that have perfectly smooth skin.

Women with the Best Sense of Style:

I really don’t know this one.

My Ultimate Dream:

Smooth skin

How Do I Define Womanhood:

Having the right to partake in all that beauty/pampery stuff if she so desires but also having the right not to … afterall, beauty comes from within.

My Favorite Fashion Publication:

Currently that would extend as far as the Pumpkin Patch catalogue, but a younger me liked to flick through the Fashion Quarterly mag … I used to be a wannabe fashion designer. Ooooh and I loved wedding mags when I was looking for a white dress to wear for a big occasion.

So that wasn’t too bad … I won’t tag anyone, but feel free to play if you want.

And this is my layout for this weekends Friday night challenge at The Sketch Book. Using black and white and one other colour. It was supposed to have a black and white photo too … I stretched the rules slightly cause I wanted the red shoes to stand out.

And Megan has just announced who our next guest designer is … so it would pay to go visit and see who it is.


16 Responses

  1. Your cupcakes look very cute, too good to eat LOL. I love red, black and white together, such a timeless combination.

  2. Yum! Great job on the cupcakes Beverley. Love the wee carrot on the top. Great layout!

  3. Awesome cupcakes, they look so neat on the cc stand.
    Love the LO on the red shoes!

  4. Wow your cupcakes look too beautiful to spoil by eating them!

    That layout is so original and stricking, Beverley. Are you going to submit it to any mags?

  5. love the cupcakes and especially LOVE your l/o

    oh and congrats on winning a spot on the design team after entering a certain competition …….. your l/o was fab


  6. Yes, congrats on winning a DT spot…… I had a funny feeling I recognised the colours and the birdy! I was too late with my vote so it won’t be counted…. but I don’t think it was wasted! 😆

    And of course I’m loving your cupcakes…. just wondering how wrong it is for me to STILL be coveting your stand?!

  7. Hee hee – those carrot cup cakes are neat 😉

    Congrats on your DT position!

    Love red…

  8. Loved it !!!!

    Cupcakes looks yummy.

    We have Emu Oil too. Lovely stuff, and a little goes a long way.

  9. oh wow those little carrots on top are cute!

  10. Oh those cupcakes look sensational Bev!! Yummy!! (how did you go with not eating any, or did you, or were they devoured quickly by the youth group?)

    I LOVE that layout too, I definitely have a thing for black, white and red, its so striking.

  11. Oh, and Emu Oil, I’ll have to look into that – I have horribly cracked heels. 😦

  12. Must be a cupcake kinda week lol! Love those red shoes on the layout and go you for breaking the rules!!!

  13. Now those cupcakes are devine, how could they eat them? they are a piece of art. Loved reading your tag and had a wee giggle if you had asked me to answer that two years ago it would be different to how I would answer it now. and wow at that finished layout, its a stunner.

  14. I love those cute little cupcakes!!
    And your layout is gorgeous 🙂

  15. GORGEOUS layout. I love how you popped the shoes, now can you tell me how!
    I really giggled at your eyeliner comment!
    Emu oil, I would love to know where you found that, I have really dry feet right now and I would love somehting to help with that!

  16. Love your red shoe layout! and those cupcakes are so cute with the wee carrot on top! :O omgosh look at all your visitors!

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