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Why is it…

… that on weekends and public holidays my kids are up at the crack of dawn, yet on school days – they are still in bed asleep at 8.15am?

Yesterday, Queens Birthday, and I had a couple of kids jumping on my bed at 7am saying ‘there’s no school today, Mummy!’ My response … ‘well then, you may go downstairs and watch t.v. in your pajamas then.’

Today, a school day, I woke at 8.06am and found all three kids still asleep (or atleast pretending to be). Needless to say, we were running a little late this morning!

Had an awesome scrappy weekend though. Starting with spending most of Saturday scrapping with Janine and Mandy down at Kiwiscraps. It was fantastic to be able to concentrate on a layout for a solid block of time and actually complete it in the one sitting/or standing as the case may be. It was nice to have company, it was nice to have other scrappers to bounce ideas off, give helpful suggestions or provide the ‘perfect’ matching paper. It was nice to catch up briefly with Kelly – next time bring your stuff, okay!

All up I only got three layouts done over the weekend, can’t show you any of them – yet. They were all fairly time consuming and I enjoyed every single minute of it! One of them was for the ‘So you think you can scrap’ competition at Scrapbooking by Design. Loved using Meek’s ‘things’ and actually really love how the layout turned out. My photos probably aren’t ‘everyday’ enough but then, I’m not out to win the comp, just have a bit of fun, so I’m not stressing about that. Must remember to take a pic and send it in before the deadline!

What I can show you is my take on the current sketch up at The Sketch Book. Not actually proud of this layout, not sure why, just don’t like it much.

I must get a better pen for writing on photos – even the ones that say they write on smooth surfaces aren’t great.

Well, that was my weekend and now I need to get back to the real world and do some housework and a bit of exercise before kindy finishes.


13 Responses

  1. Yay that you got to spend some adult time with friends scrapbooking on the weekend.

    Blue and brown are now my favourite colour combination, even for clothes. The way you have used them here looks so striking.

    BTW, got a buzz to see some more of your work in a scrapping mag in the bookshop yesterday. It was a Mother’s Day feature; can’t remember which mag it was though. 🙂

  2. My kids often do that – wake up early on the weekend and then sleep late on school days. Having said that, we are up early on weekends too with soccer on Sat and church on Sun! No sleep-ins for me anymore!

    Yay for getting some scrapping time in – a whole day! That’s awesome. Glad you enjoyed yourself so much and that you got some layouts finished.
    I can’t wait to see all the finished layouts for the comp, roll on Thursday!

  3. Thats Murphys Law in action isn’t it. I love how two of the three pretended to be asleep. What I love about scrapping is when you get a group together is the abilty to share tools and finding that perfect something that you could use on a layout……I loved the brown and blue combo in that above layout and that photo I thought was very arty….

  4. Our kids are exactly the same! lol very frustrating! Loving that layout!

  5. Beverley – your layout is truely gorgeous

  6. sleepins just don’t happen in our house anymore. I suppose once they’re teenagers I’ll be complaining I can’t get them out of bed! LOL!

    I think that LO is great.

  7. How do you get your kids to sleep past 6.45 ANY morning?? Do you drug them??? LOL

  8. Very funny Beverley and as mine are teenagers we are long past the jumping on my bed bit and I don’t really want to see them until their bedroom doors are open anyway.

  9. LOL, Tobyn is just the same, awake early on days off and hard to rouse on school days.
    I love that layout, but we are our own worst critics, and I am probably one of the very worst, LOL.
    Yay for a full day scrapping, I NEED another one, LOL.

  10. If it helps any Bev, it does get better – when they are teenagers you can never get them up, and that includes Christmas morning as well.

    So glad to hear you had an awesome weekend scrapbooking as well. I got more done cause I scrapped with the girls I see every month – I can guarantee you that I won’t get ANYWHERE near that many done in November.
    I just want to say also that I love this layout – it is kinda arty – love the photo sort of washed out look – just an awesome layout.

  11. Ohhh yay you are playing at SBD too cool roll on Thursday so I can see what sorta stunning creation you have made 🙂

    Sleep in???? I used to know what that mean but now I forget – remind me again LOL

    Yay you for a whole day scrapping how cool it that and yay for having fun with friends to crops, so glad you had a cool time …

  12. what the…… how can you not like that LO, it is fab!!

  13. I hear you on kids sleeping habits! LOL. You have done some amazing work lately!! I loved reading about the pamper time – awesome!

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