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Just thought you should know …

my dinner smells yummy! Wish it would hurry up and cook so I can eat it.

I managed to complete one whole layout this weekend! I had to double up on challenges though … I was working on this one for the SOF sketch challenge example but I really wanted to do the SE Friday night challenge too. Given the recent SE news it kinda seemed only right. It seems, however, that the Friday night challenge will live on … we just have to wait till the end of the month before all is revealed. A little owly told me that it will be worth the wait though!

Back to my layout, see the Maya Rd clearly sheer ribbon – it’s kinda plastic like stuff but nice and different to play with. It came in that RAK I got from Maya Rd a while back, finally thought about using it.

And yes, Alexander’s two most favourite things in the world at the moment would be honey sandwiches and dinosaurs!

Oh yeah and Mrs Frizz wrote this: Alexander’s dinosaur layout – amazing – your layouts just always seem to look magical … does it really just happen like that for you … or do you agonise over where you are going to put things and what you are going to use... after my last post. Isn’t she sweet! But it got me thinking … how do my layouts get done?

Sometimes they do just seem to fall into place, especially when the papers are new and I have a great photo that works well with them. But mostly I push bits of paper around for ages first. I usually lay out the entire page first, moving bits around, trying the photo on this side or that. Eventually I’ll tell myself to get over it and start sticking stuff down! But then when I move bits to stick them down I never get them back in the exact place and a whole new idea will take over… No wonder I can only get one layout done in a weekend! This also explains my current like for sketches – all that placement stuff is already thought of.

This canvas is a perfect example of pushing papers around for ages – Janine saw me messing around with this one on Thursday night. Eventually I just stuck it all down! (Notice I changed the photo though Janine. – and lost the circle.)

But then I came home and made this one almost straight away.

I’m teaching a group at Kiwiscraps later this week and these are the class examples. Papers and stamps are Greener Pastures – the small square photos are actually this paper and my favourite is this – lots of journalling potential.


10 Responses

  1. All very cool Beverley, I just love that layout of Alexander. And you may push paper around for a while but the end result always rocks – I could push it around for days on end and never come even close.

  2. All great layouts, as usual! I love the first one, great journalling too – it is important to remember those cute things! 😉

  3. Oh so awesome 🙂 Thanks for sharing your “method”. It’s interesting to know people’s different styles 😉

  4. Gorgeous layout, and love the canvases!
    Question: what did you use for the base of your cupcake? I have got a rather long tail of french knitting now and almost ready to cast off – yippee, my first bit of knitting that has turned out the way it was supposed to! 🙂

  5. I can push paper around for days on end as well … and it will NEVER look like anything you create … still think it is amazing … and wow, look at those canvasses … wowser!!!

  6. Very cool layout – just love those papers. As for pushing paper around I think I’m still doing it and it still doesn’t turn out right! LOL

    The canvasses look great.

  7. the NZ layouts are perfect – just perfect!! Im afraid I will have to steal these Beverley, they will make the most awesome canvases for my sis in Aussie!

  8. These layouts are just awesome beverly!

  9. Love the layout Beverley. Very cool! I have some of those papers but yet to have a play. The canvasses look awesome to Beverley. WTG!

  10. wow those canvases turned out well, loved how you changed the photo am pleased you got rid of the NZ that was on that circle. Isn;t it great how you came hom and the other one just came together. Love that one of Alexander you have done those papers some justice. Loved seeing you create last Thursday.

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