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Here it is…

My cupcake.

Fun, but I think I’ll stick to scrapbooking … there will not be a dozen of these! I see Mich has got a good sized tail in the making.

Speaking of which … the cupcaked crusader sent me happy mail!

An envelope of cupcakes and sprinkles too. Will have to do some creating with these soon.

Had a busy day here today. Started the morning with Soccer and Netball. Then Rebekah went out to a horse riding party, so we went out to take some pics and have a nosey.

And I found Autumn out there.

And because it was such a beautiful afternoon and we were already halfway there, we drove out to Makara beach.

I used to spend a lot of time out here back in my student days. Such a rugged, wild and beautiful beach.

Jessi has now had a whole week of morning kindy. I thought I’d have more time to get stuff done … but … there still remains a huge pile of washing to be folded, my ‘to do’ list seems to be longer, not shorter and I haven’t even managed to update my blog this week. I have been able to exercise daily though – both walking and pilates so that’s all good.

Jessi is loving mornings at kindy, she has rekindled a friendship with Joshua who apparently kept on hugging and kissing her and protected her from the monsters. She is already talking about her wedding. She will wear married clothes and the boy will wear married clothes and he will be good at fixing things and when he fixes stuff he will need to wear fixing clothes over his married clothes so that he doesn’t get them dirty.

She also declared today “I’m four, I know everything!” So, there’s no arguing with that!

I thought it was about time I worked on some boy layouts. This one is for the SE sketch challenge.

It has Alexander’s story about dinosaurs that he wrote hidden behind the photo.

It goes like this: “This is a Dinosaur and here comes another Dinosaur. They are friends. They play together, they roll together and they eat together.” Each little sentence is illustrated with the funniest pictures of a spiky dino and a longneck. Love how the longneck’s neck bends all the way round when they roll together.

I’m trying to work on some Scrap of Faith challenges this weekend. This one I did sometime this week I think:

The Johnsonville crop went well on Thursday night – I think we’ll make it a fortnightly thing so the next one will be on the 29th of May, mark it in your diaries if you live in the area, we’d love to have you join us.


15 Responses

  1. Love the cupcake – you are so clever!
    The layouts are absolutely gorgeous, I am always blown away by your amazing talent, LOVE your work!

  2. I love the cupcake too – it looks awesome – sounds like it was tough to make though – wouldn’t mind making some as gifts for a couple of friends who are obsessed with cupcakes (my daughter included)
    I really love your SofF layout – your choice of papers remind me of cheerfulness too. Just love it Bev.

  3. LOL were you looking for autumn?? I hear winter’s on it’s way soon, do you need directions? So what sort of MIL are you? Shame the marriage will be short lived…soon there will be boy germs and girl germs to contend with…but as long as their married clothes stay clean nothing else matters. Just love the way they think…

  4. hey that cupcake is cute.I am stil giggling at that conversation. of Jessi who knows everything now because she is 4 and is planning her wedding. She clearly knows her own mind. Love Alexanders story and that paper looks fab…….That cheefrul one is a stunner too.

  5. The cupcake looks awesome Beverly I am just falling more and more in love with cupcakes at the moment! I just love a 4 year old’s innocence and so glad that Jessie is loving morning kindy!

  6. That cupcake looks smashing. Totally like the one I saw – but still can’t remember where from!! 😆 The day out looks great… Makara is a place I haven’t been in yeeeaaaaars. The autumn colours definitely stood out yesterday with all that lovely sunshine and blue sky.

  7. Crikey … Jessi is gorgeous … married clothes indeed and fix it clothes … you might like to remind her that she will probably end up doing the washing of said married clothes and fix it clothes … so ‘he’ won’t need many … cos it’s hard work. Love it, love it, love it!!! Definitely adorable.

    Your cupcake, well, that’s blown me away … gorgeous, just gorgeous.

    Alexander’s dinosaur layout – amazing – your layouts just always seem to look magical … does it really just happen like that for you … or do you agonise over where you are going to put things and what you are going to use.

    Your SoF layout – love the colour combo … beautiful.

  8. What a cool cupcake!

    He he re. Jessie getting married. They are so cute at that age.

    Everyone said to me that when Mr 5 started school “Now you have one at school you will have more time on your hands”. ROFL, who were they kidding? Now everything we used to do during the day has to be done outside of school hours. Then there are all the school trips and helping out at school, plus soccer and soccer practise….the list goes on!

    Love your layouts too. You have an amazing eye for colour combos.

  9. How cute is Jessi – of course she knows everything!! Four is a great age.

    Love Alexanders layout – just gorgeous papers and maybe a scraplift as well.

    Cupcakes are so “in” now. Love it.

  10. what a cute dinosaur story. another cupcake lover here too… have you seen the wee book – 500 cupcakes & muffins… it’s cool! cricut doodlecharms cartridge has a cook cup cake too.

  11. Oh – that is all so cute and fantastic LOs too.

    I need your Jessi to talk to my husband. He was washing the car this morning in his “church clothes”. He should have had his car washing clothes on over the top. Or have washed it yesterday!!!

  12. Cute cupcake!
    I love Jessi’s married talk, so cute! There’s another layout coming with that I am sure.
    Love your layouts, especially the dino one. I am dying to get my hands on some of that dino stuff!
    Glad to hear that you have got more exercise in, that is fantastic!!!
    Have a great week.

  13. Cool cupcake. And what a delight to read about your daughter and the married clothes! Might have to borrow her sentence ‘ I’m xxx , I know everything *still chuckling*
    Gorgeous creations, love that boy lo especially, very cool clustering!

  14. Yummmmy I love the cupcake good enough to eat and I love the layouts to esp the dinosaurs, still smiling from I am four and know everything, I think moo is doing I am 20mths and know everything – sigh almost two ahhhh but we all go thru that.

    LOVE LOVE the autumn photo and a horse party what a fabo idea I wish we had those when I was little 🙂

  15. awesome cupcake – just to cute!! Your autumn shots are simple beautiful and I really like the dinosaur layout. Dinosaurs and cupcakes – very cool Bev!

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