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Visions of Cupcakes

Thanks to Mich I have had visions of cupcakes dancing in my thoughts all weekend. She suggested that my french knitting could be made into the icing on a cupcake. I like that idea … very much!

The Rally girls enjoyed making these on Thursday. They found it pretty tricky to actually knit with them, but most of them got it after a bit of practise.

To make them I used some old alphabet blocks that the kindy teachers donated to me. I drilled a hole right through the middle of each block (actually not quite in the middle – cos it was hard to drill straight!) Then the girls hammered in their four nails and wrapped a piece of patterned paper round the block to make it look pretty. I’m sure if I’d tried really hard I may have found wooden cotton reels in a craft shop somewhere but the whole point was to use recycled materials.

It’s really hard to explain how to actually knit with them but these instructions might help if you are interested. Basically you thread the end of the wool down through the hole and let it dangle there, then you wind the wool around the nails twice. With a pointy stick/kitchen fork/nail you then lift the bottom thread over the top thread and completely off the nail. You keep turning and lifting until eventually you get a tube of wool come out through the hole in the bottom.

So I’m planning on making a cupcake with mine now. Just gotta stop scrapping long enough to actually sew the thing together.

Speaking of cupcakes. I was just reading a chapter book to Alexander. It was about the ‘Cupcaked Crusader’ – a super hero! He is actually a very short 10 year old kid who’s sister bakes him cupcakes which give him super powers. She makes him wear a special purple taffeta Cupcaked Crusader costume. Interesting!

About yesterday – Mother’s Day. I got woken with gifts showered upon me and poked up my nose. A box of chocolates – with three different kinds of chocolate from Rebekah, two chocolate roses from Jessi and a pretty silver necklace from Alexander. Unfortunately just after breakfast my gifts got revoked! You see I was a mean Mummy and made Alexander turn the tv off so we could get to Church on time. I then went upstairs to put on my new necklace to find it had disappeared. Alexander had taken it back cos I was a meanie!


18 Responses

  1. LOL Beverley, oh dear!! I’m sure it will be returned asap, you are such a good mumma I know.

    You know how much I lurve all things cupcakes LOL so can’t wait to see your cute creation!

    Chrissy x

  2. You are welcome – LOL! Although can’t claim the idea as entirely my own coz I think I remember seeing something on Etsy, I just couldn’t work out how they had done the icing on the cupcake til I saw your coil of french knitting!
    I have some wooden blocks here so am going to use your instructions and make myself a ‘thingy’ to start french knitting with.
    Very cute about getting your pressies revoked!

  3. Oh yeah – what is the name of that book? It sounds great!! You can just call me the ‘Cupcaked Crusader’ – LOL!

  4. So does that mean that Mich is going to wear a purple taffeta crusader outift. I am sorry but I laughed at how Alexander revoked his wee pressie!! too funny! Love your recylced french knitting blocks.

  5. That is very funny about Alexander taking your present back. Yay for cupcakes – they seem to be poking up everywhere.

  6. Thats a great idea about knitting the icing on top of the cupcakes! Lol about you being a mean mummy!

  7. Oh! I think I saw a picture somewhere of those kind of cupcakes. In fact I know I did cos I thought of you when I saw them!! πŸ˜†

    Hopefully Alexander has forgiven you and you got the pressie back.

  8. Yeah Mich in a purple taffeta cape, Janine in Angel wings and a halo…Beverley, gotta love the revoking of the present…The kindy teacher’s know you well then LOL!

  9. Oh you mean mummy you … priceless … just priceless … no TV and your pressies are revoked … crikey … as seen through the eyes of a child … so precious. Hope you are going to scrap the memory Beverley.

    Look forward to seeing your knitted, iced cupcake.

  10. LOL Beverley that is too funny … I could just imagine Ethan doing something like that! Did you end up getting the necklace back?!?

  11. LOL at the present being revoked! πŸ™‚ That has to go on a LO somewhere…

    I remember making french knitting and never knowing what to do with the long snake πŸ˜‰

  12. Priceless story about the revoking of the necklace! Better watch out for Alexander in future years. Too cute.
    Looking forward to seeing the finsihed cupcake. What is it with cupcakes everywhere? They are so adorable though!

  13. I made a mat for my mum at rally with that knitting – lol – now I need to see if she still has it ;O)
    Oops about the necklace- he strikes a hard bargain doesnt he lol

  14. Oops on the necklace revoking lol
    Ooh french knitted cupcakes – now there is a cool idea.

  15. Will be interested to see how they turn out.

  16. LOL re. having your Mother’s Day gifts revoked! That is classic!

    Thanks for the instructions, I remember doing this but not how to do it. Will print them out for future reference.

    I think it is awesome that you were able to make the french knitting thingies by using recycled bits and bobs rather than having to go out and buy cotton reels. πŸ™‚

  17. Oh to cute about the removal of your present, hee hee, Gosh does this being back memories I used to do heaps of french knitting and one time mum knitted my french knitting into a blanket for my barbie doll – so cool

    Also try crochet hooks, I remember it being much easier for lifting the thread over cause of the little hookie bit πŸ™‚

    Hope you get your present back soon !!

  18. LOL about the mean mother and the necklace, that’ll make a great book title or LO!
    Looking forward to your cupcake creation!

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