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It’s Friday

Thanks for all your kind words of congratulations and encouragement. I’m sure my smile got a little bigger with each lovely comment I read.

Good news on the kindy front … some other kid is away on holiday so Jessi gets to start mornings on Monday!

So we had a ‘Mummy and Jessi’ special morning today.

Special coffee for Jessi and a trim cappuccino for me.

A stroll along the beach.

And a play at the park.

I’ve got a feeling I’ll be missing my little shadow on Monday morning but it will be nice to have a little more time to exercise and scrap get stuff done.

I don’t think I’ve shared this layout yet.

Or this one

I submitted these to one of the mags but they didn’t want them, so I get to use them to make my blog look pretty. It’s all good though – Up2Scrap came out this week and I’ve got a layout and a card in there.

Have a good weekend.


15 Responses

  1. Such awesome layouts! And I loved your layout and card in the magazine.

    What will you do with all your free mornings!!? Wow! I think some scrapping should definitely be planned, at least some of the days! 😉

  2. Congratulations on the Scrap Scene mention! Lucky you with your free mornings

  3. What CUTE piccies Beverley, she’s such a little darlin. 🙂

  4. wow thats exciting about her starting early, can I treat you to a coffee on Monday to cheer you up?? I have to teach science in the afternoon. What a nice day you both had. Has Miss Jessi lost a tooth? Love how you used buttons on that tree too. Oh must give you some cricut cupcakes too, they are sitting here.

  5. awesome layouts… can’t believe they don’t want em!! Still, now we get to see them ourselves so that’s better for the rest of us 🙂

    Hmmmm – maybe some coffee time?? 😆

  6. Oh lucky Jessi, I bet she is so excited! And yay for you free time! As much as you will miss your shadow I am sure you will find enough to make the time fly.
    Lovely photos too! And gorgeous layouts, now I don’t understnad why someone didn’t want to publish them? Unlucky for them, but lucky us getting to see them now!

  7. Thats awesome Beverley both on the scrappy front and the Jessi front. Bet she can’t wait till Monday now!

  8. Awesome layouts Beverley …

    Just flicked through my copy of Up2Scrap — wow, go YOU!!!

    Great photo of the two of you together and I adore the b/w pic. Stunning.

    So how’s the jammies then???

  9. Enjoy the moments with Jessi Beverley, they grow up way too quickly. My baby finishes school this year, and it truely only seemed like yesterday that I walked her through the school gate.
    Love your layouts, can’t understand at all why the magazines didn’t pick them up – but then I always find that I love your work.

  10. Super cute photos…morning kindy, how very cool! Make sure you get all that ummmm housework done won’t you ! So cool to see your name/work up on Scrapscene, and once again in Up2scrap – big congratulations!

  11. Cute layouts love the colours in them.
    Enjoy your extra time next week.

  12. Aww isnt she such a cutie! Such beautiful LO’s too.!
    I so had to grin at the one with the tree to the lefthand side.. must be in the air I ‘ve worked on a LO also with a tree down that side. Guess it’s all that tree paper around at the mo.
    Hope you had a lovely Mummy’s day!

  13. Congratulations re. getting your work in Up2Scrap!!!!

    What a wee cuite your daughter is. The littlies just love playing biggies going out to cafes and having their own cup etc. don’t they? Too cute.

    I’m sure she’ll just love morning kindy. Before you know it she’ll be at school!

  14. That is great she can move on up 🙂

    Lovely work Beverley. I’m glad we get to see them and not the mags… or is that selfish of me! 😛

  15. Love those layouts Beverley!! They really do make your blog look pretty 🙂

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