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Whooo Hoot Wednesday

I got new jammies yesterday! I just happened to spot them at the supermarket and they made me smile – so I took them home. Whoo Hooo!

French knitting. Remember this?

I used to spend hours doing my knitting, but in those days it was with a wooden cotton reel and four nails. We are making these tomorrow night with the Rally girls. Wish wooden cotton reels were still around. We will make do with a block of wood and a hole drilled through the middle. I spent the morning sitting in the sun at kindy knitting – so I had an example to show the girls what french knitting looks like. Whooo Hooo!

Speaking of kindy – we got the official letter saying Jessi can come to mornings on the 19th. That’s not too long now. Today was just a visit and I had to stay with her but on the 19th I get to leave her there – whoo hooo! It’s not that I can’t wait to get rid of her or anything. I actually enjoy Jessi’s company most of the time. But she just needs more than afternoon kindy can offer her, more structure, more stimulation, more time. She is ready. And she found the last two days at afternoons really hard, because all her little friends have moved on. So not long now!

And Whooo Hooo I got a mention on Scrap Scene. I got home from kindy to see messages from Janine and Louise about my name on Scrap Scene for the truly trendy competition. Big congrats to Louise and Ilka who actually won prizes! Yay for NZ scrappers.

And Janine also mentioned yesterday that I’m starting up a Johnsonville crop. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but …. well, you know. So, it’s decided. We are doing it. The first one is on Thursday 15th of May 7-11ish at Broderick Rd Chapel (17 Broderick Rd – use the driveway by the library to get to the back door entrance) Cost is just a gold coin to cover supper costs. Bring your own stuff to work on and get to know some other scrappers in the area. This will be a regular event – haven’t decided if we will do fortnightly or four weekly, but let me know your thoughts and we will go from there.

Right, time to get the kiddos from school and then on to Netball/Soccer practise – Whoo Hooo!


25 Responses

  1. I just love, love those Pj’s and want some! I remember french knitting – Yay for Jessi starting morning kindy soon!

  2. oh yeah – I remember french knitting 🙂 Congrats on your honourable mention!

  3. Those PJs are so cool – the owls are popping up everywhere these days!!
    Yes, I remember doing French knitting with the wooden cotton reels … I probably learned at Rally actually! Hope it goes well with the girls tomorrow night.

    Yay for morning Kindy! It is so different to afternoon Kindy, eh?

  4. How appropriate with the owls on the jammies – just can’t seem to get away from them!! LOL

    I saw your layouts on ScrapScene and think you are doing your best scrapping yet. Just love seeing what you are doing so keep it up.

    Roll on morning kindy too – they do get to that stage where they “need” that bit extra. It will come round before you know it.

  5. well I love those jammies. I say congrats on thay honorable mention, you so deserve it. Whooo hooot at the morning kindy how exciting. This next month is manic but what about morning catch up early June with kelly for coffee? Oh I remember french knitting!!! That rocked!! Gosh your raly girls are lucky to have someone as creative as you.

  6. Now those are some very cool jammies.
    Ooh french knitting – what fun.

  7. Love those Jammies! So very you! 😆

    Awesome news about Jessi starting morning kindy… it really is a bit different so you will notice a wee change I think – all for hte better of course!

    Agree with Vicki on the best yet in terms of your layouts – they are just going Steller! You’ll have to remember us mere mortals when you get all growed up and famous and stuff 😆

  8. L-O-V-E those jammies! Saw some others at the weekend that you would love too, with cupcakes on them – LOL!
    That French knitting looks fab – you could stitch that swirl together to make a cupcake!!! Now think you are going to have to post instructions on how to do that knitting coz I want a go too!! 🙂

  9. Such appropriate jammies for Woo hoot Wednesday LOL! Good to hear your girl is off to morning sessions soon – boy your lucky those teacher’s let you sit there and french knit…I would have given you some jobs to do ROFL…

  10. Wow, congrats on getting a mention. WTG Beverley!!!!!


  11. PS: forgot to say I got some similar jammies the other day too. LOL. Couldn’t resist.

  12. OMG – I’ve seen it all now … owl jammies … too cute. So when are you going to model them for us … go one … dare ya … double dare ya !!!!!!

    Be brave!!!

    French knitting … yep I remember doing that as well and making a round doily and stitching it all together. My Nana taught me … I haven’t thought about that in a long time … thank you for the memory.

    Go young Jessi and roll on the 19th

  13. Love those jammies Beverley and french knitting sounds like a fun idea for a certain little girl of mine!

  14. Yay congrats on your mention for the turly trendy comp! NZ scrappers are stamping their mark in the scrappy world!
    I do remeber french knitting with the wooden bobbin and nails.

  15. Thanks Bev and big congrats to you too! wtg us kiwi scrappers!
    Cute pj’s and oh yes I remember the french knitting, cannot remember what we used to call in in germany except not french knittng. I remember how proud I was of my first long strip. Great reminder! thanks!

  16. Awwwww, I sooo love cute jammies (especially soft warm wooly flanny ones!) and these owl ones are the cutest! 🙂
    I’m sure all will go well for the crop, it’ll be an amazing & fun time for everyone.

    Chrissy x

  17. Congrats on the mention in the truly trendy comp just saw it on scrap scene. Yay for a kiwi scrapper.

  18. Love the PJ’s Beverley, very cool! 🙂 WTG on being in Scrap Scene, that’s awesome. OMG!! I so remember doing French knitting but haven’t seen one for years, and I had a cotton reel with nails to. It was so much fun to do.

  19. Awesome, awesome Woohoot Wednesday! 🙂

    Oh, I WANT some of those jammies for me!!!!!!!!!

    Which supermarket did you snaffle those from?

    French knitting! OMG, haven’t thought about that for years. Remember French knitting a scarf for my teddy, hehe.

  20. PS. Great news re. morning kindy! Your daughter will love it. Our four year old was soooooooo proud of himself going onto Mornings.

  21. Awesome re the Scrapscene contest mention. Great news!

  22. Well done on the Scrapscene Trendy comp Bev, lovely artwork!

  23. I remember the cotton reels with the nails but not the actual knitting part – as for the jammies LOVE them – owls seem to be the new thing at the moment! Well done on the honorable mention from Scrapscene – always a huge fan of your work and very well deserved!!

  24. Woo Hoot! – I scored my own pair of the jammies!

  25. […] 3. Going to the crop that Beverley is organising Thursday. Details found here. […]

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