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Reality Check!

I just overheard a conversation between my kids while they were eating dinner…

Alexander: ‘Mum’s good at being lazy … at her laptop’

Jessi: ‘Mum’s good at being grumpy’

Rebekah: ‘Mum’s good at scrapbooking!’ (She knew I was listening!)

School holidays will be interesting!

Yesterdays crop was fun. I didn’t really achieve much but it was nice meeting up with fellow scrapping friends. Yvette is indeed real and her kids really are that cute in real life. And her scrapping is awesome – loved seeing her pages in real life.

I wasn’t going to post the photo but I really like the way I don’t look so short in this one!

I obviously need more practise at going to crops cause I found it really hard to do anything. I managed to complete a couple of circle journals and completely stuff up a layout!

I got kinda frustrated with the layout and put it aside a couple of times but then I had another go at it last night, at least it’s now a little bit better than it was.

The tree is a cricut one that Janine gave me. I just lay it on the page and inked over it – didn’t quite work out as cool as I’d hoped. And you’ll notice the border is also courtesy of Janine’s idea from her black, red and white layout of last week.

The owl stamp is the very same famous one that Yvette actually owns but we thought should live in Wellington, she just wasn’t willing to go along with that idea.

The paper is actually from Janine tooΒ  (thank you Janine.) Maybe next time I should just turn up at the crop with no supplies – I seem to have used everyone else’s stuff anyway!

Speaking of Janine’s stuff – she also gave me this cupcake which she cut out on her cricut. I embellished it and put it on this cj page along with the tree I used for the previous layout.

Now I think I might need some more cupcakes for a layout of my own…. maybe I should get me a Cricut. (Janine is so the enabler!)

I forgot to say – the Fly layout was for the Friday night challenge at Scrapbook Essentials. Had to use a 5×7 photo, at least 2 patterned papers and a bird. My dream kind of challenge you would think!

So I made another layout that fits the criteria.

Just a nice and simple one.


14 Responses

  1. Ooh my little owl is famous, he sure does get around and he can stay in the comfort of his home in my cropping bag.

    It was so cool meeting you too and everyone else.

    I love both those layouts. I especially love the last one, what you wrote brought a tear to my eye, so special!!!

  2. Oh and I meant to say, isn’t Rebekah one smart little girl!

  3. Straight from the mouths of kids … ummmmmmmmm

    Both of your layouts are awesome … love both of them.

    Cracker pic of you all as well to boot.

  4. Loving the layouts as well. Isn’t that what crops are for – just to catch up and meet people and maybe do a little scrapping if the mood takes you!!! LOL.

  5. Interesting conversation your kids were having … they are so honest, aren’t they! πŸ™‚

    Sounds like a great crop – love the idea of not taking supplies and using everyone else’s! There does tend to be a great deal of sharing at these things.

    The photo of all of you is great!

  6. What did you add or do different to the first layout? Something stands out more but I can’t work it out….

    I love the second take you did too – the simplicity of it really brings the moment to life.

    Fun conversation with the kids too…. they are so clued up aren’t they?!

  7. well they are full of gems at your house. Miss R knows what to say though lol. I loved watching you create (and what you did with the cupcake and tree were very cool). Lve both those layouts and the second one the journalling is beautiful. I agree crops are tos hare laughs and stories and supplies lol.Will whip you up some more cupcakes, they are the easiset batch I have made.

  8. Had to laugh at the conversation your kids were having… and isn’t it amazing how the conversation changes when they think/know you can hear them LOL

  9. I so laughed at your comment about having to practice to go to crops – very, very true!

  10. I had to grin at your kids conversations too – Beverly i really love your “Daddy’s side” layout. Just gorgeous and I love your journalling. I love coming to visit your blog.

  11. I’m hopeless at completing more than one LO at a crop. I must dither too much LOL! So nice to get together though πŸ™‚ And you did do something!

    Miss R gets an extra dollop of ice cream I think… hee hee!

  12. LOL at your kids, I am almost glad I cant hear my kids talking behind my back. That would probably be a major eye opener lol. Faboo layouts and the cupcake is just so cool!

  13. Hmmmm kids huh!!! LOL phew moo isnt talking yet πŸ™‚

    Oh go on that is what crops are for – catching up with friends none of this being all productive business hee hee

    Love your layouts and the tree mask FAB!!! Oh heck better go moo has spead all my fibres all over the floor

    Take care you super talented lady xox

  14. Love the nice and ‘simple’ one! Don’t you just love evesdropping on your kids sometimes!!!!

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