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Look what I did today!

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. The post on Scrapscene this week helped to get me thinking about how it would work at my place. Then I got the latest Spotlight flier in the post and saw 40% off. So I was there at 9am this morning and came home with two of my very own rails.

It took all morning, and I had to go down to the garage for the man tools – my girly tool set just didn’t cut it. But I got them up and I reckon they look pretty darn good with my layouts hanging off them.

I really need to tidy up the rest of the corner now! I guess I’m thinking people will look up to my layouts and miss seeing the mess on my table and surrounding areas.


9 Responses

  1. What a FAB idea!!! It looks awesome!!! I want to try too …

  2. Oh wow that so sooooo cool!!!

  3. Looks sensational Beverley. What an awesome scrapbooking space. Love the position of your windows and the view. How inspiring.

  4. WOW! Love this! As soon as I saw what you’d done I looked up. Alas, my pelmets are too short! Bother! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great idea. Now I have those rails, but my curtains hang off them – do you think I could get away with not shutting them for the next few years? LOL

  6. This is brilliant! Look so cool & go you on the tools!! LOL

  7. I want some too … wonder what they would look like in my new scrap space … will have to wait and see and keep that in the back of my mind … AWESOME!!!!

  8. how cool is that!!! what did you use to clip them onto your layout and the rail though?

  9. WOW!!! that is such a COOL idea and I’ve got heaps of wall space to do that! Definitely going to head on in to spotlight 🙂

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