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Ruled by the Clock

Today was one of those days – the sort when I had a constant stream of drop offs and pick ups to do. All with awkward gaps of time in between – not long enough to go home but I needed to do something.

So I picked up a copy of Up2Scrap and managed to grab moments here and there to browse through and build up my inspiration stores. I wonder if it would be worth setting up a portable scrap desk in the back of the car….

5 Responses

  1. Love your random pic for the day … how true is that … ruled by the clock.

    Portable scrapping something or other in my car …. hmmmmmmm … food for thought.

  2. Now I like that idea Beverley – I might actually manage to get a bit of scrapbooking done if I were able to do something like that.
    Love your random piccie for the day too.

  3. Sounds like my day today!

    LOL, love your idea of a mobile scrap desk. You might just have to come up with a prototype and then patent it.

  4. Yep – I think we all have days like that. Now if a certain Miss 17 would get her licence it would make my life much easier!

  5. LOL, just picturing you opening a door… and then the Wellington wind would arrive and your layout would be flying off to Nelson…but hey, the magazines are a good idea. Maybe you could keep a little stash of them in your car,and will yourself not to read them, unless it’s a day like today!! Of course if you had a stretch limo, then that opens up a whole new world of possibilities…LOL!

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