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The Birthday Report

Jessi had a great day yesterday. Thanks for all your birthday wishes. She is now well and truly four and looking forward to the day she will be 8.

So the details:

The cake.

I was going for a butterfly theme but then I remembered I’d already done the pretty butterfly cake when she turned two. So I made a flower cake and added the three butterflies I found at the garden centre where we had coffee on Thursday.

Not the best cake ever – had issues with the dark chocolate cake crumbs getting in the yellow icing. Jessi loved it though, yellow is her favourite colour and she is a lolly monster from way back.

The cupcakes.

I had great plans for amazing cupcakes since before Christmas when the Scrap of Faith girls had the big cupcake revival. But time only allows for so much creativity and I ran out. And I also couldn’t find any suitable cupcake papers, the shops always have cupcake papers – just not when I need them for Jessi’s birthday.

So anyway I used Mum’s old icing set so that made them look fancy without any real effort.

They iced butterfly biscuits like I gave out at kindy too.

Note the blue eye makeup she’s wearing – I can thank Charlize’s mummy for that!

The party bags.

Not sure what made me decide to sew 6 of these, but I did. I made a couple of larger versions using funky teatowels for Christmas presents. See instructions here.

They are a lined bag – and I guess reversible actually. Nice and easy to make if you can remember how to put the inside and outside together and include the straps at the right places.

They looked pretty cool all lined up around my scrap space waiting for the glitter on the butterflies to dry. But I forgot to take a photo then so I took these of Jessi’s one today.

The wings.

Really quick and simple with bits of elastic sewn in the middle and ends for the arms. The girls loved them and they looked especially cool when they were dancing around for the ‘freeze’ game.

So, that’s probably all the creative parts of the party covered. Imagine how over the top it would become if I spent more than two days preparing!

And now, my scrap space is calling … but first I have a million school books to cover.


11 Responses

  1. OMG those wings are stunning – well actually everything is I so need to borrow your birthday brain – OMG this is just far to cool for works, well do you everything looks AWESOME!!

  2. What a fabulous birthday party for a little girl! You did a great job with the baking and the bags, they are so cute!

    Have fun on your date with Mr Duraseal! LOL 😉

  3. all of it is stunning Beverley. You know you could make a career out of this. Have you thought about that??? Advertise through kindy and church, I am sure a lot of mums would love your talent and ideas.

  4. Sounds like a very successful day. Love the wings and the cake and the bags – oh everything then 🙂

  5. You sure went to a lot of trouble Beveley, but I bet it made the party real special too. Love the birthday cake – it has been a long time since I have had a chance to make special birthday cakes like that.

  6. WOW Beverley you have been busy, wings, bags, cake. You have done a fab job on all of it. Sounds and looks like Jessi had a great 4th birthday.

  7. Goodness…. 2 days?!!
    My Mr 3 is sooooo going to be disappointed by comparison! LOL

  8. What an awesome party you put on for Jessi. She will remember this for a very long time! I absolutely love the loot bags you made, very clever indeed.

  9. Oh wow – what a fabulous birthday she has had. You did a fantastic job on EVERYTHING. How do you top that when she turns 5!!!

  10. Awesome Beverley, had to laugh with her being four going on eight…know just what you mean lol!

  11. Hey, Beverley, I’m thinking of going with your bag idea for Kamryn’s party this year. How difficult were they to make and what did you stick inside them for goodies? Thanks.

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