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School Holidays

Has anyone noticed it’s school holiday time? That means my kids are not at school all day – they are at home.

This means two things to me:

  1. We are not so rushed in the mornings. I can sleep in a little. The kids can watch t.v. in their p.j’s without me constantly reminding them to get dressed.
  2. They need a little attention throughout the day to keep them from trashing my house and ripping each other’s limbs off.

So here’s how week one went:

Monday – I had a few scrapping projects to work on. The kids created too – mostly a mess but it kept them happy and occupied.

Tuesday – I worked at Kiwiscraps. Teaching First Steps to Scrapbooking for kids and teens. My kids went to Nana Hardings for the day and I got to play with paper and glue with a bunch of other peoples kids.

Wednesday – We had good, clean, messy fun at home. First we did some wet felting with soap and water. Then we made slime.

Lux soap flakes, warm water and green food colouring. Kept them busy for a while and I now have a very clean roasting dish and table.

Thursday- I was back at Kiwiscraps. Nana Harding took the kids out for the day. My kids made crafty things at Capital E. And I made a mini book with lots of different crafty techniques – while helping a bunch of other people’s kids make their own book.

And that brings us to Friday. Today the sun is shining. Rebekah is counting down the minutes till 11am when she has arranged to go to a friends house. I have a circle journal to drop off down the road. A layout to post to Scrapbooking Memories (yes!). And Jessi has a ballet lesson at 3pm.

Better go get some of those things done.


4 Responses

  1. I don’t know, all these mothers who say they can sleep in during the holidays … what?? I’ve been up at 6.30/7 everyday! I guess that’s because I also have a preschooler who wakes up early and needs a bit more supervision than his 5-year-old brother can provide!

    Congrats on getting a layout accepted in SM! Weren’t you saying that you hadn’t managed to get published in that mag yet? Woohoo!

    Sounds like your kids have had a fun first week … what excitement do you have planned for week 2?

  2. Thats cj is a stunner. I love the holidays because it means no part time work :-). Think I was pretty tired towrds the end of the school term. Still have study but I am just pacing myself. Sounds like the kids and you have had a great week and thank goodness the sun is out.

  3. Ewwwwwhhhh to the slime, although it looks like the kids had a blast!!!!

  4. all the things holidays are made of 🙂

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