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Going to the Snow

In a moment of weakness – I seem to have agreed to take our three kids on the Youth Group Snow Camp.

It didn’t seem like such a bad idea when I thought of the photos I could take – fun in the snow stuff. Next time there is a scrapbooking winter challenge – I’ll be prepared!

But packing stuff for a weekend away at the snow is a bit more than I’d first anticipated. They need warm clothes, waterproof clothes, hats, jackets, sun screen and gloves …

Why is it, that I’ve spent all winter finding random gloves lying around the house and putting them away and yet – when it comes to pack their bags I can only find one of each glove.

I have 1 pink one with snow flakes.
1 red one with numbers on the fingers.
1 spider man looking one.

But not two the same! O.K so kids – either you need to lose a hand each or build your snowman with one hand in your pocket!

I’m hoping that going with the youth group will mean lots of teenage babysitters for the kids and I can have a go at skiing – it’s been something like 15 years since I last went up the mountain.

Gotta go get those bags packed.


8 Responses

  1. LOL at the single gloves!! That’s so funny! I hope you find a few pairs 😉 When Rob took Tyler to Snow Planet he put plastic bags over the top of his gloves – worked a treat!

    Your post reminded me of when Rob and I took a group of 15 kids aged 11-13 to the snow … we were the leaders … it was before we had kids … we had our work cut out for us!! Of course we had parents helping but it was tough!

    Have a great time – I’m sure you will be tired at the end though!!

  2. Lol about the random gloves! Have fun at the snow. The photo of and your girls is lovely!

  3. What an awesome pic, Beverly – will cause a lot of laughs in the future.

    Have fun on your camp!

  4. love that photo Beverley, that pink jacket is way cool and I also love the blue background. Laughing at the gloves. I seem to have lost mine so if you see purple ones around they are mine. 🙂 Have a fun weekend and by the way you have until the 14th of this month to take part in Neens Ice Ice Baby music challenge.

  5. I’m sure you’ll have a great time 🙂 Obviously still cold over there…hmm have to find gloves for the girls to bring with us LOL

  6. What a fabulous photo Beverley, hope you have loads of fun in the snow.

  7. Oh Lucky you. I am sure you will have an amazing time in the snow. What is it about snow that is so appealing – probably the fact that living in Sunny Queensland we never see it. Look forward to seeing some of those great photos too Bev.

  8. Very cool funky photo Beverley,I see Elise Papers there.LOL.

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