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Another lot of candles puffed out.

Well, I now have a six year old boy in the house.

Happy Birthday Alexander.

Not the best ‘scrapworthy’ shot of him but hey … this is real, this is how it happened and this is how it will be remembered. Atleast I mananged to get him to change his shirt before the party. I hadn’t planned on face painting being offered and the cake looks a bit weird – but it was what he wanted and he thought it was just perfect. (It’s an omnitrix from Ben 10 – in case you didn’t know!)

Thanks for all your comments about my kit work. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that other people might like my stuff. So often I look at it and see all the imperfections and ‘should’ves’ and if only’s … and then you lot say nice stuff and I think maybe it’s o.k after all. I enjoy creating and if it looks good to others then that’s great too. I should just relax and be more positive.

Kelly (memoryfairy) wrote the best quote for me in my circle journal. Will copy it out here when I next get a chance and you can all benefit from it’s wisdom. Must take photos of it too ….

I need more hours in the day!


5 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Alexander!!!! I think he looks sooo cute with his face painted! But yes, I imagine you are wondering how to match the yellow paint with the green cake and shirt when you scrap the photo … ROFL! Isn’t it funny what you think about when you’re a scrapper?!

    I must be really behind the times because I haven’t even heard of Ben 10! Should I find out more?? I have a 5-year-old boy, should he know about such things? :-0

  2. Perfect cake choice!! My Mr 6 has actually taught himself how to book Ben 10 on sky…. just perfect when you are watching your grownup programs at 8.30 – then Ben 10 comes on!!

    Happy Birthday Alexander!

  3. Happy 6th Birthday Alexander!

    I was wondering what the cake was. LOL.

  4. Beverly I just love your work and find it very inspiring…

    Happy 6th Birthday Alexander.

  5. Love your work too Beverley – always find it very inspiring.

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