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Spare a thought for Reef

You may have heard on the news over the weekend about this train crash. As it happens, the little girl who lost her parents was in Alexanders class at school.

Reef is such a sweet little girl and it’s so sad to think she lost both her parents in such a horrible way. I didn’t know them well. But I stood outside that classroom alongside her mother each day. We spoke briefly about the weather and stuff and shared the same look of motherly concern when our children were kept on the mat a little longer … because they’d been talking too much.

It’s another reminder that in an instant something could happen that will change life forever. Another reminder that life does not go on forever. The big plans we make now for our future may never happen. The small concerns of day to day living don’t mean a lot when looked at from the big picture.

What will Reef remember of her parents? I hope she has lots of memories of quality time spent with them doing stuff that made her feel loved and accepted in this world.

What would my kids remember if I was to suddenly be taken from them? Would they remember the constant nagging to hurry up and get ready for school? Would they remember that I was too busy folding washing to play hide and seek today? Would they remember that I cooked a nutritionally balanced meal for dinner?

It kinda makes you question what is important in life. What good memories are my kids building about life? Where are my priorities? What do I spend the most time doing?

Just a few things I’ve been thinking about. As for Reef – I’m sure she could use a few kind thoughts and prayers right now.

Thanks also for all your kind comments about my recent layouts. It is really nice to receive positive comments. I still haven’t taken a good picture of the kiwijack layout – it’s a rather grey and dismal day in Wellington today. Right – gotta go do pilates before going back to kindy.


6 Responses

  1. That was such a tragic accident. Yes life is very precious and we must make sure we make the most of every moment.

  2. it was so surreal at school yesterday afternoon. I took a boy from thier class for esol and they were making cards for Reef. It was strange hearing them talk about death and the accident.

  3. That was such a tragic accident – so very very sad. It helps to know the names and stories behind these things though, and I will definitely keep little Reef in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the children in her class, as I’m sure it will be hard for them to come to terms with as well.

  4. Hi
    I read about that accident and being so close to home I did wander who would know them. It is tragic and so sad and your right – life can change in a matter of a second.
    My prayers are with them too.

  5. Lovely tribute Beverly, didn’t realise they were local. Looks like she is going to have some great support from her rellys – they were so sweet with her when interviewed on telly last night.

  6. Life is so precious and we need to take time to enjoy it … every day!

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