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My Scrap Space

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours…

Over at Scrapbook Essentials people are sharing their scrap spaces. And boy do some people have some neat areas – and lots of very cool stuff!

I’ve been scrapping for a few years now, at first I had a little bit of stuff which I’d get out and use on the floor, or on the bed. Then we got a coffee table – so I’d scrap there, in front of the t.v. at night. Each night I’d pack up my stuff and take in back to the bedroom till next time I felt like dragging it all out again. Eventually I got a cropper hopper thing, so that made it easier to put all my stuff away.

When we got a heat pump and stopped using the fire – my stuff sort of got left neatly in front of the fire, then the pizza boxes started arriving, they were stacked on top of the cropper hopper, then the mantle piece became a good place to store stuff like paints and flowers and ribbons and tins – scrapbooking was taking over! But I still had to put stuff away each night so that the coffee table could be used during the day.

Well, now that I’m a grown up scrapper I decided it was about time I had a grown up scrap space. I reorganised the dining room, thinking I might put a table by the computer, but then I thought it would be dangerously close to food and drink and sticky fingers. So then my sights got set on the kids play area – which is really just the other half of the lounge, divided by a couch in the middle. So the kids toys have been moved over and put back in their bedrooms and …

As from last weekend I now officially have a ‘scrap space.’ It’s still unorganised and rather messy but atleast I have something to take a pic of. Michael scored the bench from his work and screwed it to the wall at standing height, to make the most of the view from the window and also to put it slightly more out of reach of the kids. There’s a $12 bookshelf from The Warehouse in the corner. I have all the space under the bench for storage – just gotta figure out how best to use it – I think I want enclosed storage – drawers or cupboards – not open shelves.

I’ll get some upright cropper hopper storage thingys for my paper and cardstock – currently in a purple portable thingy on the floor. I guess things will evolve as I go, I’m happy with that. The kids art/craft table is there on the right and Jessi’s dress up chest on the left.

The light situation is the next thing to sort out and a more comfortable stool – for when I’m feeling too lazy to stand up. The light is great during the day, that window is on the South side and doesn’t actually get direct sunlight.

That’s Wellington Harbour you can see out the window, I can watch the ferry come in on a good day – and also tell when the airport is closed because of the fog out there on a bad day.

So that’s it. Definately not neat and organised and probably never will be. But it suits me.


7 Responses

  1. love the view from the window. I think your space is great. I find that although I have been in this room a year I am still working out what works for me and what doesn’t. Have fun adding to your area and making it your special place.

  2. I’ve had my ‘nook’ for a couple of years now, and I keep changing it all the time, don’t worry, it will evolve as you use it. Looks good though, bet it’s so much easier than packing up all the time, especially with littlies.

  3. Its so light though – and its “YOUR” space – its awesome – I’d get distracted daydreaming out the window though – LOL! Trust me – it will grow!

  4. It looks fantastic, Beverley! Great natural light, as well. Many scrap spaces don’t have that, so you should be very grateful that you do! And you’re right, your space will “evolve”, the more you use it, the more you will realise what you want more of. I’ve had my space for 8 months and I’m still adding to mine, and making it better 😉


  5. Love your space. The window and view is awesome :o)

  6. yay for you getting your own space!
    Looks great and Id be inspired looking out that window too.

  7. … now that I’m a grown up scrapper – love it – lol …

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