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March Madness

March is the major birthday month of the year … so it seems as if much of my creating time this month has been in making gifts for friends and family.

This one was actually done for the White with 1 March Challenge.


White + Kraft + Layering.


I decided these photos of Grace would be perfect for the challenge … then once it was done I decided that perhaps it would be a good thing to give to Grace as part of her birthday present. So I glued it onto a block of wood and nailed a picture hook in the back so she can hang it on her wall.


There’s something about white and kraft that is just really satisfying … and it’s fun to pull out all the supplies I have in those colours and just go from there.

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5 Responses

  1. so so pretty!!!!
    love it!!

    saw you at the mall again!!! same place!!!
    but you missed me!!!

    happy weekend

  2. She will love it – just beautiful.

  3. Wow! Lucky Grace!

  4. Grace would have loved that pressie. You poor thing as having so many family and friends with birthdays in March :-)

  5. Your photos are just beautiful and I love your mix of embellishments. Such a lovely take on the challenge.

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